New 1+1 Program – MS + MBA in 2 Years

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Who want to get MS+MBA in 2 years from Prestigious University?

Remember Harvard Business Schools 2+2 MBA Program?

Next similar program – 1+1 program from Oxford University

From Financial Times:

The university is in the final stage of approval of a “1+1” programme, which will enable students to study an Oxford specialist master’s degree and an MBA in two years. It is all part of the strategy of Peter Tufano, Saïd Business School’s newly appointed dean, to enable the school to take on the big guns in the US, including Wharton and Harvard, Prof Tufano’s alma mater.

And significantly, because the fees for master’s degrees are lower than for an MBA, the total cost of studying on the 1+1 programme at Oxford will be between $114,500 and $134,000, depending on the degree. That is up to $50,000 less than the cost of a two-year MBA at Harvard or Wharton.

I’m sure several folks will be interested in this 1+1 (MS+MBA) program.


  1. omg 67 lacs…tats not possible for everyone…..:(.does all univ charge the same price!!!

  2. first of all,
    we need to write even gmat i guess for that 1+1 program
    and secondly
    we need to get into oxford right?
    which is difficult
    anf thridly,
    the tutition fee is very highhh
    above all
    its difficult to manage 2 programs with part time jobbbb

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