This is Why You Need Multi-Ethnic Group of Friends

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I just thought of sharing a quick tip for Current/Prospective Graduate students in the US. I think, in almost all universities, you get to do one or more project with almost all courses.

If it is a team project, don’t hesitate to choose/get a non-Indian (a foreigner, preferably an American) partner for your project. You get to learn many things (non-technical especially) from such an experience.

You can learn how he/she approaches a problem, how he/she manages time, how he/she interacts with team members, how professional he/she is in approach etc etc.

If you choose someone from your country, I believe, 60-70% of the traits will be similar and you end up learning only a few new things!.

Additionally, if you can build a good relationship with that guy/girl, you may end up finding an internship/full-time job in the US using his/her contacts!!.

Feel free to explore the world.

No need to limit yourself to Indian community!.

Note: I said this with all the respect I have for my country and countrymen. Please do take it in the right sense.

Shared by reader named  “High_Hopes”.

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Action Item

  • Do you multi-ethnic groups of friends?
  • Do you mingle with people from other countries in your campus?


    1. I think you need to pick up the dictionary and learn the meaning of communal before accusing someone of being that.

  1. rajarshi u sound very bitter… any bad personal experiences??? n stay away from islamic ones thats very communal !!!

  2. Hi Raghu,
    I have thought about this over and over again the past two months. I agree to this 100%.
    I say to myself, what is the point of travelling 8000 miles , if we are going to spend most of the time there with Indians. We can do that right here. I want to be able to make some new contacts and i feel a better way to do this would be live with a person from a different nation – preferably a local to the area. I really want to avoid staying in my “comfort zone”.
    But the fact is, I have no idea how to go about this. Most of the people in the forum [Facebook groups + Public Forums]are Indians and there is no real way to connect with people who have applied to same colleges.

    Are there any other forums like Edulix, which is popular among foreign nationals ? Can you give out some pointers on how to go about finding a local roommate in USA?

    1. if you are too keen to embrace the yanky culture then you can opt for homestay. but keep in mind that he ( the eldest male kid of your host family ) will come home at 2 am, drunk and drugged, vomit on you, and finally throw you out of your bed as his girlfriend will be waiting. i don’t want to scare you but to introduce you with the stark naked realities. yeah, i’m sure there will be good people, but why take the chance / go for the uncertain? the best place to study in an unknown land is on-campus accomodation.

      1. Yes, you will face such issues only if you are stupid and can’t stand up for yourself.

  3. I understand being in USA for nearly 5 years that anti-Indian feeling is on rise. But in my personal opinion( I may be wrong) this may be largely due to lots of job being outsourced to Indian companies, who periodically send there employees to work in USA, nothing to do with your major. But on the main issue, I completely agree that it is better to work with an American student in projects as there approach is quite different and helpful for us to learn.

  4. Rajarshi, I disagree. Majority of the americans I have met realize that Indians get jobs not because we are smarter/willing to pay for lesser wages but because of the kind of majors we choose! Let’s say what is the single largest field Indians come to the US to study? Engineering?
    The current rate of Unemployment for Engineers in the country is below 2% which is extremely low compared to the national average.
    I have had great experiences with US nationals, they would never “not mention” a contact or reference or job to me with the fear of being jobless. And careful, I am NOT saying that ALL are great but I am confident that majority of them do not see internationals as a threat! It is not something new for them, you have to understand that these people know this happens and they also know it is more beneficial to them than harmful (Taxes, Consumer for american markets, etc.)

  5. Additionally, if you can build a good relationship with that guy/girl, you may end up finding an internship/full-time job in the US using his/her contacts?


    your american friend will hold the door for you, smile at you, but he or she is clever enough not to give the job to an indian. whenever an indian steps into usa an american says silently “oh my god…oh my job…it is gone”.

    traditionally usa is less discriminatory than other countries but after the economic feeling the anti-indian feeling is rising. it is very natural and obvious. wohi papi pet ka sawal!

    but do we have a choice here? nope! so, be friendly with your american friend, but always remember the sayings of the holy GEETA “tasmad asaktah satatam karyam karma samacara asakto hy acaran karma param apnoti purushah” ie Therefore, without being attached to the fruits of activities, one should act as a matter of duty, for by working without attachment one attains the Supreme.

  6. What “high hopes” said is true!

    And yes I do have friends from other countries in my campus.

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