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S.A.M. got admit in MIT. He posted his profile as comment to his F1 Visa Mock interview – MS + PhD in MIT

My Profile for MIT admission

Test Scores

  • GRE 1470 (Q-800, V-670)
  • TOEFL – 112 (R-24, W-30, S-29, L-29)
  • IELTS(essential for MIT) – 8/9 (R-9, W- 7, S-7, L-9)


Undergraduate Research Project: Project leader of a team of three students at AU-KBC Research Center
Image Analysis of CAM (Chorio-Allantoic membrane) Angiogenic Response and Quantification of Tip Cell characteristics (08/2010 – Present)

Summer Fellowship Project at Indian Institute of Technology Madras: Individual project under a project advisor
Illumination Compensation Techniques of Tuberculosis Sputum Smear Images (05/2010-07/ 2010)

IEEE All India Young Engineer’s Humanitarian Challenge: Project member of a team of two students
Power generation from revolving doors (03/2010 – Present)

International techno-management symposium at National Institute of Technology, Trichy: Project leader of a team of two students
FES and MEMS stimulated Artificial Neural Network to control facial nerve paralysis (10/2009 – 01/2009)

International techno-management symposium at Anna University, Chennai: Project leader of a team of two students
Biomimetic Robot using phonotaxis for outdoor sound localization (04/2009 – 09/2009)


Anna University, Chennai, India
• Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Instrumentation
• CGPA 9.0 / 10


• Computational Skills: C, C++ programming, MATLAB, SIMULINK, VHDL
• Image Processing software: IMAGE-J, AngioQuant, MATLAB- Image processing toolbox
• Virtual Instrumentation: LABVIEW
• Data Analysis and Statistics: MS – Excel, Minitab, MATLAB – Statistics toolbox


• Summer Fellowship Programme in the Biomedical Engineering Division, Department of Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, 05/2010 – 07/2010
• Among the top 15 (on-going) of the IEEE All India Young Engineer’s Humanitarian Challenge 2010
• ‘Aravind Award’, Best Project Award for the Microprocessor Laboratory for working on the bio-mimetic robot


• “A Statistical Approach for Pre-processing Radiological Images for Enhanced Gastric Cancer Diagnosis”, unpublished
(Accepted for presentation at the International Conference on Research Challenges in Computer Science, Shanghai, China and provisionally accepted for publication in IEEE Xplore)
• Student member of IEEE


  1. Plenty of people from this part of the world are going to IVY’s and MIT’s and Carnegie Mellons these days, even with full free rides at undergrad level. It’s really good to see that. 🙂

  2. that’s a nice and well suited profile !!! so congrats but u didnt answer did u get a scholarship there or not ??????
    cos taking admission that’s really a big achievement but with a scholarship thats a bigger one 🙂 🙂

  3. What the hell! This person can’t be a product of the Indian education system! 😛

  4. Is it worth wasting our youth behind so much and ignore other fun filled aspects of life?

    but none the less….a big congratulations to SAM..he deserves d admission!

    1. It is all about exploring our skills/interests and bringing positive changes ( betterment ) to people( even ourselves ) and also enjoying ourselves , there is nothing like this : one must be a lab rat ! 🙂

    2. I’ve neva missed out on ne fun aspects. Actually the whole point of studying hard was because the pocket money i received was directly proportional to my academic accomplishments! Just have to work hard and make some sacrifices in the 6th and 7th sems.

  5. Congrats dude…..
    With due respect to MIT,
    I don’t understand why people give so much of importance to a single University..?
    Personally, I feel that S.A.M proved his mettle through obtaining a Summer Fellowship from IIT-Chennai. That’s a much greater achievement than the MIT admission!
    All the best S.A.M…..
    PS: ppl like you are required here.. do come back to INDIA after your stint in US.

  6. MIT is Every Student’s Dream. One Student in 100000 Students Get admitted to MIT. You are One Among them. ALL THE BEST. ROCK ON.

  7. My God!!!!!!……… How on earth can a student make so great achievements!!!!….. He must be a super-human or Einstein’s new avatar. My salute to him .He really deserves to be in MIT (or even more). May God take him to even greater heights…..

  8. Wow wot a profile SAM…congrats….u hd to get an admit….amazing….

  9. Congratulations to S.A.M ! Very attractive profile. Learned a few points from this profile.

    Thanks HSB , eager to see more profiles like this !

    1. Well it *is* MIT after all. The awards are really commendable, esp. the summer fellowship in an IIT – those are really tough in the screening from what i’ve heard.

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