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My Experience Towards Statement of Purpose

Raghuram Sukumar Application 2 Comments

Recently, I made few drafts of my SOP after incessantly looking at the samples in the google website and few from seniors but didn’t copy the content from any of the sources.

Sample Statement of Purpose

I had a talk with a senior in XYZ university and I asked him to forward his SOP as he hails from same department because I need more insight in writing SOP. The response  which he gave appalled me for a moment, the words were ” Copy from the content from other drafts and organize it in your SOP “.

I have seen the same content

“I had always wondered looking at the XYZ and the variety of work they perform. I remember the day on which my interest took sprout in the XXX Field. It was at the day when my XXX was assembling the XXX. “

Even I included the above statement in my draft SOP but seriously after reading more samples statement of purpose,  I realized it’s not the proper way to write and started working on other which didn’t have the above context at all.

Writing SOP isn’t trivial thing. During the admission process it is one which is more emphasized.

It’s not easy to write Final SOP at the first shot. It consumes time, put a part of effort that u have put on giving tests.

Having a strong SOP always boosts up your chances and it can be balanced if you have a low score or acads.



Here are few tips to consider while writing your Statement o Purpose

How you consider writing SOP as trivial or significant?


  1. SOP tells the university about the candidate a lot of things, so its better not to copy and be your original self while writing and it will definitely help…

  2. As the author recognizes, aside from the immorality of plagiarism (as Western academic institutions see it) it is pretty easy to get caught replicating somebody else’s work these days. Universities aren’t asleep as they once were.

    A great statement of purpose is not going to emerge from a shaved-chimpanzee exercise in cutting and pasting. It will only result from hard work and deep introspection. It is also important to read your essay out loud many times. This will expose all sorts of errors. You must also seek the opinions of talented writers and thoughtful people to optimize your work.

    Also, don’t just bang it out quickly. Write this kind of statement over several days (if not weeks) to let it mature and breathe and take on a life of its own. Otherwise, you will perhaps be too close to the writing to spot the problems with syntax, logic and continuity that may plague it. If you do not adopt this slower approach it may make you cringe when you read it with fresh eyes after it has already been sent off. Then it will be too late to do the simple things you could have done to separate yourself from the pack of mediocre SOP’s clogging up the system.

    Ask yourself, “Would I want to read this thing?” If the answer is yes, fantastic! If the answer is no, do a kindness to those who will need to slog through it, and to yourself. Put in the kind of effort that matches your desire to achieve great success.

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