New GRE Harder than Old GRE?

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Sir – I will be applying for Fall 2012 and few of my friends and class mates have registered for GRE. I wanted to know if New GRE will be harder than older GRE? I haven’t started preparing for GRE yet.

Is New GRE Harder?

We have discussed about New GRE format, sample questions and if its better than old GRE in several blog articles. Here is link to few of them

You have sufficient time to study for GRE and try to take before New GRE pattern comes into effect on August 1 2011. If you are not mentally ready to write GRE exam in next 5 or 6 months then even if you feel that new GRE is harder, you have no other choice right?

I would recommend you to download New GRE practice tests and PowerPrep II. Take couple of tests. Then compare it with current GRE test. Then deiced for yourself, which GRE is harder. We can show you the directions, bu ultimately you have take action and walk toward the destination.

Recommendation: New or Old GRE –  If you have confidence to take GRE in next 5 months, then go for it. If you are not ready, then it doesn’t matter if new GRE is going to tough, you made a decision not to take GRE within July 2011, then you got to live with it. If you happened to score low in new GRE later, don’t worry that you missed an opportunity.


  1. I am not sure but I think you often talk about paper-tests on this site, as it is out of India? Correct me if I am wrong. I just have one question though, do you have any statistics on whether or not students do better on the actual test day then in practice? I continue to baffle myself with the fact that I do so poorly on the practice tests, but am hoping that the material I am reviewing with is simply giving me harder questions. I have been studying for 9 weeks now, and I am sure I am improving with how much I know, but as far as the test goes, I am extremely worried because I do not want to have to go through this again. Please let me know soon if you have any information. My test is in a week!

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