New GRE: RC was like Dementors

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Hi, i have written my test yesterday (12 sept.), I got 3 verbal and 2 quants.

I scored very less verbal: 260-360 & quants: 620-720.

RC was horrible……… they were like DEMENTORS, enervating your mind.

Sentence equivalence and text completion were very confusing….(just mugging up the words won’t help ), albeit the words in the option were easy but how to apply contextually was very confusing….

Please write down your suggestions…!


  1. yup dude verbal sec was thoroughly disappointing, got 3 verbal sections n 5 RCs in each sec, hw d hell do they xpect us 2 solv 5 RCs alongwith 10othr ques in just 30mins? nw dats bullshit, so 1030-1230 goes for retest

  2. Hi…..m going 4 gre on Oct 19
    I’m very much confused vth these very draconian
    I yet thought I’m strong in SE’S ND SC’S
    but its worrying me a lot now…..!

  3. i gave my GRE on 13th of september in Ahmedabad, and i scored 310-410 in verbal and 600-700 in quant ….. Guys really the verbal section was really bad …. all text completion, S E and R C were confusing. Dunno should i apply for the phd with this score … coz this was my second and last time the GRE … but have heard tht new scores might be acceptable as the percentiles are low

  4. i took my gre on 14th sep. i scored 370-470 in verbal & 600-700 in quants..
    really RC’s were tough & long. 2 of my other friends gave the test the same day & scored almost d same in verbal part.. Verbal part ws pretty long & confusing..

  5. I agree with you same happened to me got quant score 700-800 but verbal took it all 350-400
    really applying in context the words and that too when clock is running in top right corner….!!!

  6. Don’t get too much bothered by the scores.Universities often inflate their average test scores for some reason.New GRE is definitely tough and long

  7. Just to give some perspective to the people who feel that they might have scored less, whenever there is a huge change in the pattern, as has happened now, there is a significant drop in the average score people get. In fact, it sometimes takes as many as 2-3 years for the scores to recover to the pre-change levels. Hence, it would be misleading to compare your current score with a score you expected to get on old pattern.

    I have a question, if any of the test takers can answer-
    How do RC passages in new GRE compare to RC passages in PowerPrep II software?

    1. You can’t really compare in that sense mate. You will always have a long RC, a couple of relatively short ones or maybe just 1 very short one. Either way it is very time consuming. But there are techniques to ensure at least 75% success in the RC part of your Verbal section. Believe me or not my scores went up by almost 200 points during my practice tests once I started using these methods.

      1.  Vinay, please can you post the techniques you used for your RCS? My exam is just two weeks away and I nieed serious help. thanks

    2. yeah u can’t comapare them directly because in real exam whole scenario will be different….u will have pressure of real exam which might affect you….especially in verbal that 30 min clock is very scary seeing that clock i spoiled my verbal section

  8. I took it on 23rd Aug.. And my score is V:250-350… and Q:740-800… At that time i was thinking that it’s a very low score but Now i realize that the scores in new gre are comparatively less than old gre… so don’t worry about that…

  9. i have my xm on 22nd sept,juz 1 week more,so scared reagarding the verbal sectn,thought atleast i’d do sentnce equvlne and txt cmpltn better but nw i dnt thnk so….i am so scared

    1. If you feel your English Vocab range is good enough then you needn’t go through the thousands of words that are given in Word-lists. And RC’s it is very much possible to manage a 70% success rate at the least not knowing many words. It is all about how well you are able to sit through the long passage and absorb meaning of each passage and the meaning as a whole. As for the methods I would rather not share it in comments section. Will write a post to HSB regarding this as soon as I have some free time.

  10. i have read a lot of post here,some scary,some almost unbelievably unimaginable’ and some down to earth like the guy who scored 910-1080.
    my uncle registered the gre for me with less than a month to prepare. As much as i wouldn’t like to write an exam am not well prepared for,i wouldn’t want to waste the money and opportunity.
    Now with less than a week’s preparation,i imagine if my fate wont be like the one above(910-1080).
    you’ve got any idea for me,cos the down-to-earth report about the verbal section is more SCARY.

  11. i took my gre on 09-12-11. i got in verbal 370-470 and in qaunt 740-800. math was easy 3 section. verb was 2 section very a long RC with some middle and some around ten line passage for 1 questions. i could answer only 16 and 17 questions in both sections and ticked rest with some educated guess (by skimming and scanning the passages).

  12. I took the gre 09/12/2011
    I got 320-380 in verbal 720-800 quantitative and I think the writing is equal or better than 3 can I be addmited to PhD program in materials science ? thanks

    1. Hi…. m taking test on 28nov…..m v worried dat whether iwl able to styd within 2 n half months…sumone plz suggest wht to do…..done with sum 700 words jst….n some quant part n 4 essays…n evn iwana take toefl in nov…m so confused hw to do…plz help

      1. You have enough time for prep……….doing only words is not that helpful in this new gre….how to use that words in context is important……so along with words start practicing RC’s and sentence completion from now only……

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