New GRE Review – Confusing and Time Consuming

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New GRE Review – Shared by HSB Reader.

I had taken the New GRE at Gurgaon Prometric center (India). We posted New GRE Experience – Long, Hard and Exhausting 2 days back. Lets se what this review has to say about New GRE test.

My New GRE Score –

  • Verbal 500-550
  • Quants – 750-800

My New GRE Review

  • AWA was pretty decent …similar to old pattern. Except that argumentative given more time .

New GRE Review – Verbal

  • Had to face the 2 verbals sections …tiring …first was easy …the next section was tough.
  • Questions were tough in the reading comprehension part  – confusing in nature  and time consuming.
  • Overall …. the one with a very strong command over verbal …will definitely crack the exam ..

New GRE Review – Quantitative

  • 3 New GRE quantitative sections …. experimental included …. quant is my strength, so enjoyed it.
  • Quantitative is not as simple as the older version …but yeah …pretty decent …easy …

This short and quick New GRE Review shows that Verbal section of New Revised GRE is tough and time consuming.

Test takers with good command over English language and ability to read and understand a passage in quick time can get high score.

After reading this New GRE Review and other New GRE experience, its looks like Reading Comprehension is the toughest part.

Some New GRE test takers were not aware of how scores would be reported at the end of the test.

They were expecting to see New GRE Scores in 130 to 170 format. But New GRE Exam Scores Reported in 200 – 800 Scale

Unfortunately test takers have to wait till Nov to get the New GRE. You can see Old GRE to New GRE Score Converter to estimate your new score.


  1. hai…… is experimental section is just luck or our wish to select…. And can any1 say what is the score scale whch is coming nw is it 130-170 or 200-800.

  2. it seems reading comprehension is tough
    in which one has to concentrate
    thanks for guidness

  3. thanx for sharng ur xperience….can u plz elaborate abt the quant qstns ….is it true tht goemetry has max weightage….hw r the qstns..r they al indirect qstns….

  4. hi,
    can we go for spring by taking revised gre in august or staring of september???

  5. I am still confused what will be the good score in this new scale. .
    Please tell me about RC’S. . .was there any lengthy passages also??
    Wat tip will u give to score good in this verbal section. . .
    Also tell me does the calculator was used,i mean was there long calculation based problems???
    what about the numeric data questions in which u have to fill the answers. .
    Also Tell me what were the mistakes u made and tips which should be rembered while giving the test??
    Thanks in Advance for ur revert. .

  6. Hi,

    Although I am yet to take the test. I believe the best way to crack RC is to daily read atleast 2-3 articles from Scientific American and New York times (they are free-online). Most of the RCs are from or atleast similar to the articles published there. Usually these articles are made more complex by changing vocabulary.

        1. hi.
          u tld to read the articles gvn in the newyork times ,are there any specified branches wch help us….i mean there various thngs givn business,science etc……shud v go through al the tabs….

          1. Yes, go through as per your choice. All of them will enhance your skills; comprehension, reading words in context and critical thinking.

          2. Hi Megha, you may want to see the Opinion pages on the New York Times, but I guess you have limited access to these articles on NY times say 20 per week. Moreover you can read the editorial page from the Times of India if you have access.

  7. Hello there,
    Congrats for your score.! Can you provide some examples of questions/ words you have encountered during your GRE verbal sections?

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