You Can’t be Nazist and Ignore Students Problems (New vs Revised GRE)

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Kanwar posted the following comment at Alert: Take GRE Now in Current Pattern.

“My answer is the same as above. I don’t care if you are scared and fear GRE test. Change your mindset and take your GRE NOW!”,
You cant be Nazist in approach, and cant ignore students problems, you definitely have to care for others fears.

Also, revised GRE is one thousand times better than current GRE pattern, problem lies only in the initial beginning, for first three to five months, after which it will be stream lined, I strongly oppose students of 2nd year taking GRE exam, their total attention is distracted and they cannot make up with their %ages,

Kanwar – Thanks for your comment and all other comments in this blog. I would like to add my thoughts and clarifications to your comment. Also, I expect other to chime in their thoughts.

Current vs Revised GRE

One of the biggest advantage of being a blogger is that you can write what you feel is right and not worry about what others call it.  I really don’t see anything in my statement to be called as Nazist.

Did you really attend college in India? Do you think spending 2 to 4 months  in GRE Prep is going to lower the percentage say from 90% to 60%? Do you think every students studying GRE, spend 4 to 6 hours preparing for semester exams to improve percentage all through the year? That’s the biggest joke I have heard.

I did my bachelors in India and I have first class with distinction. So, I know what I’m talkng about and I have stayed with top rank holders of the state and I know how long they study per day and how much they can score in semester exams and GRE.

High school students in USA have to take SAT, PSAT or ACT to get into college. If they think GPA is only important criteria, they are not getting into college and this is while in High school. We are talking about 2 to 3 years older students.

Did you know when there is major changes to test a test pattern, scores drop for next few years (not 3 to 5 months)? I suggest, you looks into stats and major
Universities don’t care if your score is from current GRE or Revised GRE, they have their minimum requirements and they admit based on that. When ETS provides the mapping of scores, that’s what it will be used for comparison.

Did you take practice test in Powerprep II? Did you come across verbals words that you don’t use in day to day conversations? Even though antonyms and analogies sections will not be offered, RC’s are not the easiest to score. If a student memorized Barrons wordlists and if same words appeared in Antonyms, it would be easy to get it right. Thats not the case with RC’s.

On any given day, RC’s are not easy to solve. If RC’s are littered with tough vocabulary words that you don’t understand, you are going to flunk in Verbal section. Even though you don’t have to memorize words for Antonyms, you have to put extra effort to learn the words, so you can use them in the passage context.

Now, in what way do you think new GRE is thousand times better than current GRE?  ETS is changing the pattern, you like it or not, you have to live with that. When there is an opportunity, you go for it. Students taking GRE in second year or final year is going to get the same percentage in their semester despite their GRE preparation.


If you fear the test (GRE), you have no place in USA. Seriously, if you have fear just to take GRE, why are you considering studying in USA after traveling half way around the world? If you have fear, you are not getting anything accomplished in life.

Which GRE Test?

I got the following screen shot from Kaplan GRE 2011 Premier with CD-ROM (page xiii)

I know you will certainly agree that Kaplan is better expert that you and I. Along with that, I spent 2 hours taking Powerprep II practice test. Certainly, I know what I’m talking about.

Your perspective is something that applies to a student who is spoon feed and trained to just one thing and one thing only. That’s total crap and if a student cannot take GRE and still get the desired percentage, they are not going to survive Grad School in USA.


I request any Fall 2010 student, who just started first semester to add a comment about the education standard and amount of work to be done while in schools in USA. Also, other students can contribute to this article. Just keep your comments clean.


  1. I too thought that preparing for GRE will make me lose my percentage and skipped it in college. i made a big mistake then but now as i am working i find very less time to prepare for GRE and applying for universities. Students even if u plan to work after your Bachelors and have a idea to do MS in 2 – 3 years try to give GRE when you are in college. This is my personal opinion


  2. Although I took GRE after my final yr. I would suggest those who wish to join fall 2012 take it now, even if they are in 3rd yr. Reason? You'll never get the easy pattern as present one. So why not take advantage of it. Anyways you'll get semester break and classes don't warm up before February in majority of colleges. Two months is sufficient to tackle GRE and get a decent score, that is, if you invest 2-4 hrs a day depending on your caliber.

  3. Hi,

    There are few things that I would like to highlight here…

    First for Pankaj & Kanwar: u r right that GPA is permanent & u cant change it…Though u hav the chance to take GRE twice thrice as many times u like if u hav money…But first of all I wud like to know r u guys engg students or sc students??If not den I wud like to mention that according to statistics most people who wish to give GRE for graduate studies in USA are from Engg. or Sc. background. I also belong to the same category….I doubt how many ppl read all throughout semester or even the entire month b4 the semster….And to get a good GPA in India especially in Engg. is like a cake walk compared to that in US….If u just study hard for 30 days b4 ur semester, it will be good noff to get >8.00-8.5….Now preparing for GRE takes max 3-4 months in the current version….As engg. students dont have to worry abt maths as they just need to understand how to shortcut the process to be in time…But how to solve is known to them….They just have to stress on Vocabs….So if u r planning for grad studies in USA go for GRE in 2-3 yr…No harm….u can easily manage ur time & good GPA…its not a big deal….If u cudnt manage this thing better stop day dreaming of coming to USA for grad studies….U can easily visit this country wrkng for any software company…..Bcoz from the week 2, u r under tremendous presuure of assignments & homework…I am here for my grad studies just this fall, i.e. 2010….Now i used to come at morning 9 in the lab and left the univ at 1.00-2.00 a.m…Bcoz u hav to cmplt ur assignment in time…No question of delays bcoz if u r late they will nt accpet…Time is money for them..Moreover if u r a RA or TA, u hav to take labs for 8 hrs a day at a stress or may have to cmplt research work in strict deadlines….Now just figure out the week….
    With vested interest of Kaplan, there may be certain issues…But I can belive them as they r serving for so many years and moreover it a US brand…Brands here doesnt lie for just business….They dont put wrong things in a rite way….They just market right things in a better way…So u can totally trust them….

    The other thing I would suggest that if possible go for OLD GRE….It may appear to u as easy as u have diversified materials, softwares & coaching for this exam….on basis of difficulty its not the right time to comment i feel bcoz the new pattern needs some time, noff materials & coaching to be in this situation to compare….so no pint in comaparing…we all r acquainted wid this pattern so u can use the resources at a maximum….dat u cant in new GRE as it will take atleast 3-5 yrs for noff study mats…..As GRE is not abt making notes for any subject…Its all about researching the pattern, the methods & the ques….

    So better utilize the resources on the web max to go for old GRE…

    Best of luck to u all who r preparing for GRE….

  4. "Students taking GRE in second year or final year is going to get the same percentage in their semester despite their GRE preparation…" – super right!

  5. yep,absolutely correct by hsb, you dont have any idea about the education in US and your response was totally childish you dont even deserve to go US.better stay in india

  6. I agree with Kanwar.

    your gpa is very important and you can give it only once. preparing for your gre earlier than is needed is nothing but wasted effort.

    owner of this site, please remember that your advice goes out to all students good and bad who read this site. And many of them will not be able to manage good gpa along with doing the gre for 2 to 4 months.

    You can always give gre later, but you cannot go back and change your gpa. your gpa will remain the same forever. I mean FOREVER (unless you want to be called a flunky). spend the 2 to 4 months ensuring that your gpa wil be good.

    If you decide not to follow a course in the US, your gre will be useless but your gpa will still matter. keep other options open.

    The advice given by owner of this blog can only benefit ETS. Think of it, it will want that you give the gre twice (the older format and also maybe give the newer format) rather than just give the new format once.

    People who have bought Kaplan books will know what to think of Kaplan's advice. Kaplan is an old chap who came out with a good book but now they are simply out to make as much money as possible by rushing books to publication without proper proof reading or editing. What this means is simple.

    Kaplan will give advice which will benefit KAPLAN itself. It has a major interest in marketing its old gre format books before August 2011, because after that they will have to take their stock of old format books and burn it. Nobody will buy them anymore because they will be worth less than the paper they are printed on.

    Again, if you and I were Kaplan, we would probably give the same advice. Remember, to ETS and Kaplan and all those who have a commercial interest in the gre, you are not a student, you are just a part of the market share.

    Another thing that kanwar has said. New GRE is just different format NOT new level of difficulty. The overall difficulty will be the same. Again use your common sense. The gre is not meant to be difficult or more difficult, it simply tests you in a different way so as to show how eligible you are to attend a course in a university. To increase difficulty would mean that ETS admits that the current gre is too easy. Also if the newer format IS more difficult then you can be assured that the college admissions commitee would give it more weightage (however, due to formalities and procedures, they can not mention this publicly, other wise noone will give the older format at all and ETS will go bankrupt).

    Books and materials for the newer gre have already started coming out. So make a plan, and stick to it.

    1. 1) I asked you a simple question. Did you talk to any admission committee members if so give details about them.
      2) ETS is also going after GMAT to make more business school to accept GRE. To do that they have to increase the exam standard.

      Why was the test revised?

      ETS has revised the test to better reflect the kind of thinking you'll do in graduate or business school and improve your test-taking experience. New types of questions now more closely align with the skills you need to succeed in today's demanding graduate and business school programs.

    2. @pankaj You are not trying to understand the point HSB is trying to say… The new GRE pattern is a lot different than the old one.. The new GRE is better in terms of identifying the students' TRUE knowledge… Due to its tactical scoring, students can also be easily identified of their skill level.. An excellent skilled student well versed in Mathematics and English will excel in both the patterns.. BUT for the average and below average students who are not that good in a section(in the case of Indians its mostly English), it would be a lot tougher to get a high score. The older pattern allows even such a student to master a particular section more easily… So for a better skilled student, GRE whether of the old or new pattern, will be a piece of cake;while for a mediocre student its best to write the old pattern…

  7. Hey HSB,

    Well said. Marvelous post . I agree with what you say. 🙂 . Kanrab,please stop this. . . . People in this blog have a deep knowledge on GRE and visas etc. . . You can only suggest others,you cannot order them . "I strongly oppose second year students from taking GRE"??? That's not the way to say it. It would be polite if you had said,"I strongly recommend 2nd year students not to take it". Let this be the last time . This site is a great resource for people taking up the exam and going to the US,let'z all learn and benefit from this.



  8. Though I agree to large extent to HSB and the fact that he has backed it up with Kaplans verdict and ehe has also taken the test himself.I also agree there is a lot of study materials right now and once the change is there those materials will be baseless and the coaching centers will be charging a huge amount of money.

    BUT one small hinge on my mind which I would like to bring to the notice of all the readers that though there is no direct questions in new verbal GRE,but still you got to increase your vocabulary by many fold.Having said that a particular student still might get away with the new format scoring a decent score without memorizing if he has ingrained a decent vocabulary up his sleeve.Moreover this will be a competitive exam so all the students taking the test in new format will face more or less the same pressure.

    So I would say HSB is right that old pattern might have a slight edge over the new one and if one has the opportunity and the mind set to take it before new pattern sets in.

    So my suggestion for all out there will be,as HSB has pointed out in one of his old blogs that prepare your best and give the exam around march and even then u feel u haven't done good enough take the NEW test after august on 50%discount.

    You can never know you might end up being on the WINNING's worth giving a shot..isn't it??

  9. I honestly don't know how reliably I would take Kaplan's word for taking the GRE exams earlier since they also have vested business interests in the matter. They are looking out for themselves, first and foremost. Remember that they have already published tonnes of books and materials on preparing for the current GRE format. If they themselves start advocating people to take the next format, then who is going to buy their books and training materials which would lead to loss of revenue. On the other hand, they probably don't even have the training materials ready for the next format and once they do, they will start suggesting that its better to take the newer format and supporting facts will mysteriously appear out of thin air to support those claims.

  10. I completely agree with this post. I joined the Fall 2010 session a month ago, and trust me, we have it a LOT easier in India. So taking a couple of months out for GRE preparation is not at all a biggie. Here, in the US, they start stressing you out from the first week with readings and assignments and so taking time off is a big risk. But being an engineering student in India, I know how much of time we actually put in, burning the midnight oil barely a month before exams. So I would definitely advise people to take GRE as soon as possible. I took mine in my 2nd year.

  11. yup i totally i agree that none of the college student in india sits with his books for hours everyday and preparing for GRE will not affect UR GPA .

  12. Totally agree with you HSB . Another fact this guy doesn't point out is the abundance of materials available for the current GRE format. I don't think the same amount of info and tips will be available for at least a few years after the new pattern is introduced. I managed to get 1430….by using only Barron's and the power of the internet ….and yes as they say …."jo dar gaya woh mar gaya"….. 😀



  13. I, too, believe that the current GRE format is tough (see powerprep). Its unlike what we were used to.And ETS knows it so that's why it has lowered its price.What I think is the first couple of hundred (and probably thousand) test takers will just be guinea pigs, and ETS will just be honing and streamlining the test format a/c to these test-takers' responses for few years as it did with previous formats. So I also suggest students to take GRE test before aug 2011.I don't mean that u just jump to the test centre, but 3 months will suffice if u work hard enough. U can cut off the time u goof around or watch sport channels to make the time. If u use time judiciously,it wont hamper your study also.And remember that GRE score remains valid for 5 yrs!

  14. Yep totally agree with HSB admin.Getting a good GPA in India is no big deal.Iam in the top 3 in my branch and allocating a few hours of study to GRE isnt going to affect your GPA unless ofcourse you start reading from the Day-1 which I dont think most of the studs in India do 😛

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