GRE will be offered in July, 2011 (Updated)

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Update 1: Read the comments from ETS below. Looks like there was error in communication from ETS. Stay tuned for more details. Also check the screen shots posted in comments.

Reasons for confusion

See the following email screenshots from ETS.

2 emails from ETS says GRE will not be offered and last screenshot to Ankit says GRE will be offered in July 2011. Looks, like there was communication error. Keep checking for dates n July at GRE testing centers near your location.

If there is any additional update from ETS, you will receive an email.

GRE July Dates

Couple of students have forwarded the same message from ETS.Β  Last date to take GRE exam in current format is June 30, 2011. GRE tests will not be offered during the month of July 2011. Following email reply from ETS confirms that.

I thought its was just a rumor that GRE exam dates will not be available in month of July 2011, but after reading the email from ETS confirms that GRE dates will not be available. If you were planing to take GRE in July, 2011, you have to make change to your GRE study plan. Take GRE before July or register for New GRE Exam from August 1, 2011.

Email to ETS

Dear Sir/Madam

I am planning to write GRE in July 2011,but today i came to know that ETS would not conducting GRE in july,2011,as format is going to be changed from1st Aug,2011 . Kindly reply me as soon as possible,so that i could quickly take decision.


Reply for ETS

Thank you for contacting the GRE Program.

Dear XYZ,

Regarding your inquiry:

The last administration for the current GRE General Test is June 30, 2011. There will be no testing in July 2011. As of August 1, 2011 the revised GRE General Test will be administered.

Thank you for your inquiry. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.
If you have additional questions, please contact our Customer Service team at (866) 473-4373 or (609) 771-7670, or visit our Web site at If you contact us via e-mail, please include all previous correspondence or a summary of information regarding your inquiry.

ETS is committed to improving your customer service experience. Please take a moment and complete a short Customer Service Survey at so that we may identify ways to improve our service to you. If you’re unable to access the survey by clicking on the link, please copy the entire link and paste it into the address bar of your web browser.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Be sure to add to your address book or safe sender list to ensure that you receive e-mail messages from ETS.

Now, its official. GRE test dates will not be available in July, 2011.

What do you think?

What do you think about this news? What is your reaction to above email from ETS? Do you think ETS should have informed students in advance about this decision?


  1. Hi,,m planning to write in last week of july.But no dates showed up snce 2 weeks.But today 22 appeared in all centres n obv got over very quicky.any idea if the rumor tat last test for july would be till 23??? inputs plssss

  2. Hey a few queries–

    -Should i give my gre in april, 2011 in the present pattern with only 2 months of prep or after august with the new formidable pattern(plus what to expect!)?!

    -no date seems to be available after april end is it that they are not taking exams till august or all is booked..all this is making me paranoid πŸ™

    -the ets site says the new format is for the students looking to apply after november does that mean i can't send my scores to unis before that.. will i miss deadlines?

    -[imp]what universities accept 15 years of education? I know a few do, can someone list all of them out

    hoping for a reply

    Thanks in advance !

    1. Search in the blog for New GRE and Revised GRE. Several post about difference are there.
      You have to check with universities about deadlines, but i assume they will be ok to consider scores sent after nov, since that would be the case for many students.
      Not all schools still accept 15 yrs education.

  3. dear sir/madam

    i am planning to go USA for my higher education.i want to know information about slots available in months of may and june as soon as possible so that i can take my plans clearly before i complete my studies

  4. Friends from Princeton institution said that they got a notice on 31/1/2011 that GRE isn't there in JULY 2011. What should I do?

    Should I book if any seat becomes available in JUNE or Should I wait for the JULY lines to be open?

  5. ETS should be banned or boycotted for this irresponsible mess.

    HSB is not to blame, because I confirmed from the Gurgaon call center of prometric and they said that on basis of info they have got from ETS, no GRE will be held in July 2011.

    I also had to quickly book dates in June 2011.

  6. Thanks HappySchoolsBlog for messing up with my schedule. Because of your notice, yesterday i registered the GRE dates for JUNE. Thank you very much for screwing up.

    1. Its ETS who messed up. Did you see the screenshots posted and dates in the email message?

  7. There are no GRE dates available other then in Hyderabad till JULY 2011.

    HSB can you please guide when the slot for registration will open for Gurgaon for GRE.

  8. @HSB:So finally GRE dats will b available in the month of JULY 2011….REPLY plz with YES R NO???

  9. @HSB : Sir pretty confused can u please tell me whether GRE dats for july are open or not .please help me.

    hope i get reply from you.



  10. Guys I just realised that whoever takes the new pattern of GRE in the month of August or September will be missing the Spring Semester of 2012 as the results we be out no sooner than August. Rite??

    Please can somebody confirm this.

    1. Thank you so much for the news Ankit. I just quit my Job considering that I will take my GRE in July and try for Spring 2012 subsequently. Cause if the July dates are close, Man Am I screwed!!!

      1. @ HSB, now that it's clear July dates will open soon, how about spreading the good news to the subscribers via e-mail? πŸ™‚

        1. I'm waiting for email confirmation from ETS. They cannot send 2 different emails about July Dates.

          1. i called up concerned people . GRE -Prometric Centr

            01244147700 ( Gurgaon) ,India

            they told me GRE wont be available for july 2011.

  11. Please note that the information regarding the last administration date for the current GRE General Test provided in the “Reply from ETS” on your blog is incorrect.

    The current GRE® General Test will be administered through July 2011; however, dates and times will vary by location and availability. Seats will fill up quickly so candidates are encouraged to register early. The first administration of the GRE® revised General Test will be August 1, 2011. Prospective test takers can get the most up-to-date information on test center availability through the GRE online registration system.

    We apologize for this error and have taken steps to ensure that the correct information is communicated to prospective test takers going forward.


    Tom Ewing

    GRE Program


  12. Bullshit!

    Where's the proof?

    Your 'email' is not a proof concrete enough. Really, HSB… expected better from you.

    don't feed rumors!

  13. One more sad thing about ETS is that the dates keep changing each day. When i wanted to take my GRE in sep 2010 i checked the site and selected a date later the next day when i was ready with my credit card to make my payment the dates had changed it showed no dates in sep was really upset at that point as things were not going as planned but luckily i waited and i got a date in sep. Thats how things can be with ETS because of a large number taking the test its not so easy to even register for a testdate. I fell ETS should change this system they should display all the dates of that particular month and should be like "Early Bird gets the Worm" at least in this way , one will get serious about planning things also test takers can set their minds over the dates and start thinking more over preparing GRE than thinking of the dates. So my bro's and sis select a date with a month in hand and book it of this at least will reduce some tension later.

    all the best:)

  14. Sir,

    I have taken my gre and secured 1200 and i am yet to take toefl and i am planing for fall 2012 or this spring.with the old gre score whether the universities will accept it or not or i have to writw once again?Please frds if any onw of you know reply me.

    1. @vbharat

      The old gre scores are valid for 5 years… Also the new gre scores will be out only in mid november… you have done the right thing… Take your TOFEL before they plan to change pattern πŸ˜‰

  15. Dude I had it all planned out. I wanted to take the present pattern and was wanting to do the same in July. I have been constantly checking the Prometric website for the dates to open and now the surprise us with this.

    They should have informed us earlier. It not fair on their part. No dates available in June.

  16. I already know this. When my brother planned to write on July, he couldnt find any dates. When enquired with ETS, they told that 30th is the last day for old gre and in July they ll install the programs, fix the new pattern and prepare the questions. So they asked us to register within June.

  17. However, there will be huge rush to book the test dates before july.

    So, dudes!!! DONT BE LATE to book the slot

  18. It would be better to take the revised pattern with some amount of preparation than to take the current pattern under prepared. of course if one is confident about the amount of reparation one has put into then one can register before the the last dates available but this may not be possible for everyone. as far as ETS is concerned it does make sense for them not to schedule dates in the month of july for they would have lots of logistics to cover before they enforce the new pattern. in any case for a student who is going to appear for GRE it is confidence more than anything which will see you through the test.

  19. i've researched enough about revised pattern and found that the revised pattern is easier than the present pattern…People dont like revised pattern because their is no one to assist them through…

    Please give it a thought before registering…

  20. It's good to know that they have disclosed the information.students who were planning to take up the test in July could reschedule .

  21. Better take the test before the pattern changes..all d best dudes..but don't get disappointed if u doesnt get a chance..

  22. i would say its bad luck for all those who where planning to take GRE in july. But i thk its not late yet. You can take GRE in june and plan your time-table accordingly. you still hav 5 months. Though u need to book soon. i thk there will be a rush now to book the dates.

  23. Friends,

    My hard drive crashed beyond the repair and the saved DS 160 form is lost.

    How can i retrive it. My VISA interview is around the corner and would like to have a refernce. Please please help.

    God bless and may have many many more H1 opprtinities.

    distraught King Kong

  24. hi hsb team

    its really surprising that ETS did not inform students, they must have announced in advance regardind the july dates,THANKS FOR THE INFO

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