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Students graduating with master’s degrees have lots of confusion on when to graduate and how the 17 month optional practical training (OPT) rule will impact them if their H-1B visa is not selected in the lottery.

I spent some time today looking at various immigration attorney websites and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) portal.

I found some useful links and OPT FAQs. Hopefully the information I found will help answer most of the students’ questions about the 17 month OPT extension.

Let’s start with the e-verify program. If the employer is not enrolled in e-verify program, then students cannot file the 17 month OPT extension.

E-Verify Program

Not all companies are willing to enroll in the e-verify program. Good thing, though, it’s mandatory in some 7 states where companies have to be enrolled in the e-verify program.

Also, I also learned about the possibility that the e-verify program may be removed by March 2009.

Because the immigration rules as a whole are very complex but at the same time are very important, if in doubt, always consult a immigration lawyer.


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