Outsmarting the SAT by Elizabeth King – Book Review

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  • Today’s SAT Test Prep Book Review – Outsmarting the SAT by Elizabeth King.

I found this book while looking at SAT Test Prep Amazon Kindle Store. When big name publisher’s SAT Test Prep books are usually top the best sellers list SAT Test prep books, reviews for Outsmarting the SAT by Elizabeth King was outstanding. So, I decided to take a look at what her book has to offer.

About Elizabeth King

  • Elizabeth and her students know that guesswork and shortcuts won’t lead to top SAT scores, so she explains the nuts and bolts of each type of question on the test and then cements the instruction by leading students through a broad array of sample problems with clear, handwritten solution explanations.
  • Elizabeth takes the SAT annually and has an aggregate score in the 99th percentile, so she knows first-hand what the stress of test day feels like and how her innovative strategies propel scores into the upper echelon.
  • Elizabeth’s students consistently report that they did well on the SAT because they felt prepared, in control, and, most importantly, confident in their knowledge and abilities.

Outsmarting the SAT  Reviews

outsmarting the sat book review

Outsmarting the SAT

  • Remove the guessing work while answering the questions. Well, by guessing, its possible to eliminate incorrect answers. (I don’t agree to her suggestion, but that how test prep strategies work).
  • Elizabeth King recommends (strongly) to prepare for SAT without calculator.
  • Reading Comprehension Strategies – He approach is bit unique and combinations of techniques you read on other test prep books.
  • King’s use of friendly, conversational style in her text should appeal to many readers. The use of handwritten calculations in the math section adds to the informal, personal tone.
  • Books published by day to day SAT tutors are usually unique and practical compared to other test prep publishers books.
  • Just like advise I give in this blog about Higher Eduction. When contents of the books reflects and solves real world problems faced by SAT test takers, then its worth buying a copy of the book, if you cannot afford to take similar private SAT tutoring.

Outsmarting the SAT  is Outstanding

I am a high school guidance counselor, and I have been preparing my students to take the SAT for several years now. Most new books are simply last year’s books with new covers. Sometimes a brand new SAT book appears, but the content is “more of the same.”

King has had great success as a private tutor, and in this book, she shares her insights and strategies(most of which I have never seen in other SAT prep books, and I have read every SAT prep book in print) for helping students achieve their high SATtest scores.

Outsmarting the SAT is well-written, well-researched, and well-packaged. It is not the size of the telephone book, and students can actually put it in their backpacks with room to spare! King’s examples have the “feel” of actual SAT questions and answers–something that is very important to keep in mind when working your way through practice examples.

Take my advice: buy this book.

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