Master’s Degree – Thesis or Non-Thesis – Which is Better?

masters degree thesis vs non thesis option

A master’s degree at U.S. universities takes one to two years to complete depending on your degree plan. Let me qualify the above statement again. Most Masters Degree would take two years to complete. Some specialized Masters Degree can be completed in one year. Should you complete the degree in a shorter duration? There’s no…

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Prodigy Finance Review – Refinance F1 Student Visa Loan to Save Money

prodigy finance review refinance student loan save interest rate

Can you save money by refinancing your International student education loan by refinancing with Prodigy Finance? So, let’s find out. Shall we? If I were to refinance my education loan from India. I would be looking for the following factors Can I save money? What will be the interest rate? What are the payment terms?…

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H1B Visa 2020 – Lottery Results, Receipt Number Tracker

h1b visa 2020 receipt numbers lottery results

Have you applied for H1B Visa in April 2019 and waiting for the Lottery Results? Please update your current H1B Visa Application and Status by submitting the form below. If there’s any change in your petition, you can submit a new entry. The results of the data submitted will be sent to you via email…

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F1 Visa for PhD Rejected After Lost Passport & 3 Years Into PhD

f1 visa interview phd denied lost passport

Three unique things about this F1 Visa Interview for a Ph.D. stands out. F1 Visa Denied for Ph.D. Don’t Take US Visa Interview for granted The student has only one more year left on Ph.D. Following F1 Visa interview for Ph.D. was shared by a student and you can read the interview experience and my…

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F1 Visa Interview Experience – Fall 2019 – Review, Analysis and Lessons Learned

f1 visa interview rejection fall 2018 spring 2019

Here’s an F-1 Visa Interview Fall 2019 – Rejection experience, where you can learn several lessons to help you with your F1 Visa interview and avoid rejection. What’s Included in this article: Student Profile F1 Visa Interview Experience (Rejected) [Video] F1 Visa Interview Analysis Quiz – Guess How Many Mistakes Interview Analysis Lessons Learned Approval Chances…

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OMG! H1B Visa Filing Fees Can Vary From $3,000 to $10,000

h1b visa filing fees usics small large employer transfer applications premium processing

Do you want to know the H1B Visa Filing Fees? There’re various fees that USCIS requires as part of the H1B Visa application. Let’s start with two examples. Example H1B Visa Filing Fees In our example, let us compare the H1B Visa Filing fee and Attorney fee for two different sized employers. An employer with…

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H1B Visa RFE’s – Top 10 Reasons Why RFE’s Were Issued by USCIS

h1b visa rfes uscis top 10 reasons

62.3% of H1B Visa applications issued RFE were approved for FY 2018. In other words: About 38 H1B Visa Petitions were Denied for every 100 after RFE’s were issued. What are the reasons for USCIS to issue an RFE for H1B Visa applications? Top 10 Reasons for H1B Visa RFE’s issued FY 2018 along with…

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