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Do you really need a credit card while in USA?

You should have learned about Credit Cards, Credit Score and Credit History. Always video speak better than words. If Suze Orman is giving some advise, you better listen to it.

Why do you need credit card?

How to Get Credit Card

  • To apply for credit cards you need SSN
  • To get SSN, most universities will require students to have a job
  • Pick the best student credit card and apply for one.
  • First look at credit cards options available in the bank where you have checkings account.

Credit Cards are good, but credit card debt is bad. If you can afford to pay the entire balance by end of the month then use the card to make purchase.

Credit cards, ATM cards that you might plan to carry with you will not help build your credit history in USA.


  1. Hi,
    I have a big confusion with the credits we supposed to have in universities for completing the course successfully. What are credits? do they represent the number of subjects needed to study? Please favor me in getting me out this confusion.
    Thank You,

  2. Why did she laugh when that person asked "SUZIE! WHY DO WE NEED CREDIT CARDS?" That was thoughtless. Anyways, and who was that who said money is dirty?? 😛 LOL if money ever was dirty then why'd he use his credit card. No offense meant, but video is awesome "clearly explained" and nicely told about debts!

  3. I have Govnt. bank of india's global ATM card that will will in replace of credit card if I dont have need to take debt.

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