Poll Results — H-1B Quota 2010 Forecast

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For the last 1 week here at HSB, we ran a poll to find how many H-1B visa 2010 petitions will be submitted during the first 5 business days of April 2009. We had a total of 293 votes.

It looks like most of our avid readers believe that the General Quota of 65,000 and Advanced Degree Cap of 20,000 will not be filled up in the first 5 days after the USCIS begins to accept H-1B visa petitions for FY 2010 starting on April 1, 2009.

Let’s see the results below:

  • Less than 85,000 (Majority)
  • 85,000 to 125,000 (About 25%)
H1B Visa Quota 2010 Forecast Poll Results

H-1B Visa Quota 2010 Forecast Poll Results

H1b 2010 Quota Forecast - Poll Results

H-1B 2010 Quota Forecast – Poll Results – Vote Count

The USCIS expects the H-1B cap will be met much before October 1, 2009, but the agency is not sure when it will be filled out. That’s why the USCIS suggested to hold a mini lottery if the need arises.

You can read the latest updates from USCIS about the possibility of holding a  mini-lottery to select the H-1B visa 2010 petitions if the above poll results were to hold true.

If there are any information released out to news media by USCIS, we will post them here at Happy Schools Blog.

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Note – This poll was run here at HSB for information purpose only.


  1. Hi ,

    Iwould like to know till date how many h1b petiions are filled



    1. That NO ONE can predict. That number is available ONLY with USCIS.

      Good luck !

  2. Latest Update ! Well the good news is that TODAY uscis gave an update stating they are still accepting H1B petitions. Which obviously means that the quota (both 65000 and 20000) havent been met as of yet. Will keep posting as and when i get any updates.. Good luck all !

  3. I Don't no Wheather my consultant has filed my H1B visa application i want to no my 13 digit application code how to no it

  4. Dear All,

    Can you please let me know this

    1. I'm having 5 years of educational gap between my intermediate (10+2) and graduation

    2. My graduation is a distance education

    still can i file a H1B US Work Permit Visa.

    are there any chances to reject my petition due to my above mentioned points?



  5. Interesting results. However, can someone please explain what happens if the quota isn't met in the first week?

    Does everyone have to wait on the status of their petitions until the quote is reached? Or, come April 8, would everyone who applied get a visa granted subject to interview etc?

    1. Dear Larry,

      The question has its answer in iteself. The petiions are to be filed in the first five days starting from Ist April,09 for FY2010 starting from October,09 and if the magic number of 65000 and 20000 does not reach in the first five days, it is but natural that everybody who will be applying getting approved his H1b petiion subject to their eligibility and the remaining quota shall be filled upto October,09 on first come first serve basis till the same reaches to its magic completeion number. Any how, I would say that every body who will be getting through would be lucy person since this position of recession shall not remain for ever.

      A K Gupta

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