1. hi!
    i am looking for good university for me Ph.D in education field…
    I have Bachelor degree (teacher in Russian and English )and i have almost 2 years experience:)but i should pass exams GRE and TOEFL(because i will be as international student ),and i want to ask how many scores i should get if i want scholarship or fellowship ,or may be i can earn making researches ?

  2. hello please give me a detailed information about good schools in texas both private and non private with the school fee amount. cos am highly interested my course is law..thanks for your co-peration

  3. hello…. i m doing b-tech in biotechnology.after dat i wish to do M.S from usa.but i donot how to go there and which suject would be choosed out ,which required to plz give me info regarding dis… i m greatly thankful to u for dis favor…thanks

  4. HSB

    Why my son wants to study at USA UNIVERSITIES

    he is very busy in preparing for his GRE and TOEFL exam which he will be writing by mid October 2009, i was just talking over phone for 2 Minuit only as he lives in Chennai with my sister,( his aunt), he told me the reason why he chose USA as a destination to pursue his Masters and perhaps his PhD

    1)The reputation of American universities coupled with the comprehensive curriculum offered at these institutions is valued and recognized world over by industries and employers alike.

    2)the array of courses on offer: from highly academic programmes which guides a passionate student to be a creative to put it simply creativity is fully explored

    3)For graduate students, probably the number one factor in choosing a US university is the amount of funds spent on research. The US tops the list of money spent on research

    the govt and industry is focused on research and they are willing to spend money on this most essential part.

    4)the student are given lot of freedom to pursue his chosen subject with lots of support from the professors.

    5) and the student will have to strive every moment to excel in order to be at the top of the world.

    6) very competitive education due to many student from different part of the world come to study.

    7)freedom to change your university at any time of your study provided one scores well.

    8) students are eligible to earn while learning is wonderful way of life.

    9)getting exposure to the latest scientific advancement is the utmost key

    10) Career opportunity and job right through out the world is an added advantage.Entrepreneurship is the utmost key, since in usa is a business oriented activity the growth is possible to chose to be an Entrepreneur or go getter

    11)life style too

    12)most important will be an exposure to us education will lead him to a pathfinder place, he has to do every thing by himself,

    there will not be any assistance from any one right from meeting his basic needs and organizing studies, time schedule etc.

    no pampering from the parents or loved ones that will make him a self made man. Joy of doing every thing on his own.

    these are some he felt that tilted him to opt for us universities

    i keyed in as told my son L.Muthukumaran,

    currently doing his final B.E(Mech) at the Rajalakshmi engineering

    ,Thandalam, near chennai.this college is affiliated to Anna University




  5. I am a 2nd yr student doing my chemical engineering in A.C TECH,INDIA.My CGPA till 3rd semester is 8.0.My question is what does it take to get into top universities like STANFORD,UBC,CALIFORNIA INST TECH.Is a cgpa of 8.0 ,a few research projects,publications and gre score of 1300+ enough.If not wat else is needed.Plz reply to this question it will be of great help.Thank you

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