2 College Application Package: Department and Grad School

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Some universities specify 1 set of documents should be sent to the office of grad studies and 1 set to the department.Do i need to send 2 packets?Or is it okay to send 2 sets of documents in one cover?  – Prashant

Unfortunately you don’t have a choice to send them in one package and save money. If university is requesting separate set of application documents, you would have to send college application documents in 2 separate package.

If you have any friends (trusted) attending same university, you can send one package to them and have them deliver your application in-person to graduate school and department.

Looks like Indian Postal service is the cheapest way to send application package to USA, but it takes 10 to 14 days to reach USA. If you have sufficient time, then try sending it through Indian postal service.

Before sending application package, read the check list for college application package.  Also, try to avoid this 11 common application mistakes. If you miss single document, its will delay your application processing by several weeks.


  1. HSB,

    What about univs like UCSB MS CS. They need us to send 2 sets of official transcripts, 2 sets of SOP n resume to the grad school office. In this case I guess we just need to send all the documents in one packet. Correct me.

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