I’m Serious, Postpone Your GRE Exam

Raghuram Sukumar GRE 4 Comments

You will understand why you need to postpone your GRE Exam date after carefully reading this article.

Indeed, it will be a bold decision to postpone an already-scheduled GRE exam, but it’s definitely something worth doing.

Postpone GRE Exam Date

Read this article GRE Exam Score Predictions, and it will help you estimate how much score you can get in an actual GRE test.

If you observe students taking their actual GRE tests, the chances of them scoring 100 points or more than what they get in GRE PowerPrep practice tests are very unlikely.

If your average GRE Score in a PowerPrep is 980, you are most likely going to score less than 1000 in an actual GRE Exam. If you are going to take the exam expecting to score around 1300, it’s simply not possible.

If you have high expectations but if your practice tests are not reflecting good scores, you must seriously postpone your GRE exam.

However, if you think you are ready to invest money to retake GRE even if you score less, then you can go on with your first GRE attempt.

And if you are going to take the GRE for the second time, you will likely ask questions such as these, like the ones sent by Shilpa:

If I take the GRE exam for the 2nd time, will I have to pay the whole fees or will there be any concession for taking it the 2nd time?

And what if I score lesser in the 2nd attempt? Which marks will be considered?


  1. Iam planning to write my GRE in february.I want to know that can i apply to the universities for fall 2010? Is it better to aplly for fall 2010 or spring 2011? For applying to fall 2010 which universities will accept applications till february?

  2. plzz suggest me when to appear for GRE?is it better to complete my m.pharm from india and then go for GRE in order to do phd ….or is it better to sit for GRE after B.pharm?my final goal is to go for phd from US university.which will be the better…..option ….in terms of getting scholarship?

  3. i have decided to postpone my exam which i hav taken it on 23rd september 2010.. please tell me how to postpone the exam.. i mean which website should i go to and does it cost for postponing?

  4. hi, i want to complete my PhD in medecinal chemistry, i wonder if it is better to do GRE first or TOEFL, some advise me to do GRE first coz TOEFL well be easier

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