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7 Days Job Search Challenge

Kick Start Your Job or Internship Search With This Challenge

Why 7 Days Job Search Challenge?

1 Task - 1 Day - 1 Hour for 7 Days

Are you serious about finding an Internship or  Full-Time job on CPT, OPT, STEM OPT, H-4 or H-1B Visa? But, are you getting any calls for your job applications? 


So, what can you do to get your foot in the door? This 7 Days Challenge is Designed to show you how to Strategize your Job Search.

Forget about "Search & Apply".  Each Task is designed to show how to Organize the job search. 

Eliminate Randomness in Job Search

A typical student on F-1 Visa applying for OPT, does the following - Search for "Job Keyword", find relevant openings in the Job Portals. Submit the Resume. And Wait.. Wait.. and Wait. Then you would hear nothing.

Process then continues the next day. There's no methodology to this process. It's totally Random. The Challenge tasks will show how to organize your Job Search.

Who Can Take This Challenge

If you are applying for Jobs by searching and applying from Job Portals, then this Challenge is for You. 

You can be from Computer Science, Mechanical, Civil, Biotechnology fields or Accountant to Dentist. It doesn't matter. 

The skills you acquire through this Challenge will help you become a better job seeker. A better networker.

What Our Users Are Saying:

I took up the 7-day challenge and that completely changed my job search approach. I graduated in May 2018 and found myself with two full-time job offers within couple of weeks. It was those 7 days of rigorous job searching tips and tricks aided practice that made me better at applying for jobs!

Chanakya D.

I had 8 Postdoctoral and 2 industry job offers.

I had a great experience in taking the course and in the group talks that we had.

It gave me a lot more additional information to talk in interviews and what questions to ask.

Riddhi S 

Don't Hesitate, Get Started With 7 Days Job Search Challenge Today!

7 Days - 1 Task Per Day - 1 to 2 Hours of Work Per Day. 

Eliminate Randomness in your job search process. Know what job to look for, when to look and where to look. Above all, how to find contacts that can help you get the job.

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