Webinar: Entrepreneruship on OPT & H1B Visa

Or Perhaps You Want to Moonlight on Your Current Job

Is it possible to be an Entrepreneur while on F1 OPT, STEM OPT or H1B Visa?

Short Answer: Yes!

You will learn the exact process, steps, and roadmap to get there in this Webinar.

Be Warned - This Event is for those with Entrepreneurial Bug and High Ambitious Individuals.

Are you one such person?

Read On!

Yes, you can self-sponsor H1B Visa with limitations and right structure of your company.

You are probably going to be feeling stuck in the same job and same employer until your Green Card is Approved.

What if you have the innate desire to be an entrepreneur but feeling stuck?

Perhaps, you feel that your skills are not put to use in your current job?

Maybe, you are a creative person, if given a chance, you will shine on your own.

But, you might be wondering how can I do anything while on OPT, STEM OPT or H-1B Visa?

The route to Entrepreneurship might be straight for some and others there may be detours on the way.

Maybe, you would be happy to test the market and then move onto the full-time entrepreneurship.

And some of you want the stability of the current job but want to earn additional income from a second job.

What's Included in the Webinar?

  • How to moonlight on your current job
  • Starting your own company while on OPT or H1B
  • Self-Sponsoring  H1B Visa

In this upcoming Webinar, you will learn the step by step process and potential roadblocks and how to overcome.


About the Webinar (Two Events)

Webinar on Mar 15, 2019

March 17, 2019 

Sunday at 7 PM EST.

Hosted by Raghuram.

Duration: 90 Minutes


Register for One or Both Events. 

Intended for those who want to moonlight or start a company and get H1B Visa Sponsorship.

Event 1 - Hosted by Raghuram. 60 to 90 Minutes Live Webinar. Pre-Submit Questions. Presentation followed by Limited Q&A.