Yes, Professors Do Respond to Emails

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By Kofi.

When applying for PhD, student has to start contacting professors several months in advance. I have shared few email templates for professors.

Email Template to Contact Grad School Professors.

I sent a professor a mail to work with him for Fall 2012 PhD and this was his response:

Dear Mr. xxx,

You look like a strong candidate for graduate work. However, you should know that acceptance into our Ph. D. program is done by the department as a whole, not individuals.

You need to apply to the Graduate School and indicate the xxx department. Alternatively, you should also look at the School of xxx in the Medical School. I have a joint appointment there and train students in that school.

In fact, given your interests, trying to be admitted through xxx may be easier. You can find all the application material on line at the Graduate School site on xxx.

Best of luck.

Could this be a sign of my foot already in the door?


Here is another example  – Disappointing Reply from professor. What Next?

Since the professor suggested you apply to another school, you can certain look at that university.

Could this be a sign of my foot already in the door?

I don’t think so, but positive reply is always good. Keep him updated with your application status.



  1. hello,
    i am from a poor family of india, what would be the overall expenses to do m.s in computer science
    related subjects in abroad without any scholarships or aids ??? if i do gre well and if not, what would be the expenses??? shall i depend only on scholarships or aids???

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