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The University of Alabama in Huntsville (also known as UAH  or UAHuntsville) is a public university, located in Huntsville, Alabama, United States, is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral degrees, and is organized in five colleges: business, engineering, liberal arts, nursing and science.

UAH is one of three members of the University of Alabama System, which includes the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Graduate Studies

  • Tuition Fee (Out of State): About $8600 (9 Credits) + living expenses
  • Minimum GRE : 1500 Verbal + quantitative + Analytical Section Score (0-6) should be converted by adding 2 and multiplying by 100
  • Deadlines : Spring – Sep 1; Summer – Feb 1; Fall – April 1
  • Twitter :

List of Masters Degree + PhD Programs

CollegeDepartmentDegrees Offered
College of Business AdministrationBusiness AdministrationMaster of Accountancy
Master Business Administration
Master of Science in Management Information Systems
College of EngineeringChemical & Materials EngineeringMaster of Science in Engineering (Chemical Engineering)
Civil & Environmental EngineeringMaster of Science in Engineering (Civil Engineering) + PhD
Electrical & Computer EngineeringMaster of Science in Engineering (Computer Engineering) + PhD
Master of Science in Engineering (Electrical Engineering) + PhD
Master of Science in Software Engineering
Industrial & Systems Engineering and Engineering ManagementMaster of Science in Engineering (Industrial & Systems Engineering) + PhD
Master of Science in Operations Research
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringMaster of Science in Engineering (Aerospace Engineering)+ PhD
Master of Science in Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
College of Liberal ArtsEnglishMaster of Arts
HistoryMaster of Arts
Political Science (Public Affairs Program)Master of Arts
PsychologyMaster of Arts
College of NursingNursingMaster of Science in Nursing
College of ScienceAtmospheric ScienceMaster of Science + PhD
Biological SciencesMaster of Science
ChemistryMaster of Science
Computer ScienceMaster of Science + PhD
Master of Science in Software Engineering
Mathematical SciencesMaster of Science + PhD
PhysicsMaster of Science + PhD
Interdisciplinary ProgramsMaterials ScienceMaster of Science

Refer to UAH website for latest admission information and requirements.


  1. Hello to all,

    I have a gmat score of 590 out of 800. I got admission into uah school of business for MBA program. I also have a confirmed assistantship from them. Wanted to know how good is this school for MBA ?? Or should I take gmat again and apply for other schools ?? Kindly help !!

  2. I am from Nepal and have taken GRE (scored 1220.. verbal 460… quantitative 760…analytical 3 ) and scored 100 on toefl. My GPA is 3.40.

    I have completed my Industrial Engineering and want to pursue Masters in operation Research. Please tell me what is my probability of getting scholarship in University of Albama, North Carolina State University and Southern metodist university.

    1. hi

      I just wana to know that you get this scores in GRE on computer base or paper base?

      and also which books and how long you study for both Toefle and GRE exams?

      because My magor in Industrial Eng same as you and I wana apply for MSE to uaHuntsville uni in Alabama.

      thank u

  3. Am a graduate student of mechanical engineering and will like to pursue a masters degree in aeronautics engineering. I will like to know the requirement financially and scholarships available for international students

  4. I am from Bangladesh. I want to know about gpa conversion. What will be the equivalent CGPA in US grading system of a CGPA of 3.17 out of 4.00 in bangladesh? I found that WES do such kind of conversion task if they are paid. Is there any other way to get it?

  5. I have B.Sc in electrical engineering .I am from Ethiopia.I want to do my n usa if i get scholar ship.

  6. Is materials science(interdisciplinary program) at UAHuntsville accredited?

  7. Hello

    its Zuhad

    i complete my graduation last in this year means in December 2010

    i complete my Bachelors Degree Programme in Electronics after this i want to do Post Graduate Programe from any Foreign Universites with in Affordable Fees

    my interest in following fields

    MS in Electronic Engineering


    MS in Industrial Engineering Management or Engineering Management


    MS in Petroleum

    What does HSB suggest which field having greater Scope ?

    Which Field i do adopt so i can get better job?

    Do HSB help me to find out university which have Affordable Fees for me?

  8. hi i m planning to take GRE on comming month……

    i want to send my score after finishing my exam….

    but before taking my exam i've 5 universities list…..

    wt should i do…?

  9. so we have to score 1500 out of 1600 in GRE to be admitted in thi university. What about the scholarship? What about job? What about admission?

    1. hi, I dont think they asked for 1500 out of 1600. If you look carefully then you will see that you have to add the score of AWA here. For example, If you score 1050 out of 1600 and 3 in AWA out of 6 then your score will be like this:

      1050 + (3+2) X 100 = 1550. Do you understand?

  10. Hi everyone,
    I got my admit and Visa for Louisiana tech university for MS in Molecular sciences and nanotechnology. Wat do u think abt the scope of the course after MS. Or shud i shift my major after going there. Plz HSB and others help me out….

  11. @Anus first of all .. its normal like thousands out there
    Tell him that you will go soon your course will finish here in India one of my friend was in same situation.. He told he will go as soon studies will over.So after whn he was was done he left india 7th day after finishing his course ..
    Tell whats true

  12. Hi,
    I have got the addmission in Troy University Alabama and I am going for interview on 12th July at US Consulate Melbourne.
    I want to discuss about case, my situation is totally different, I am studying in Melbourne and I am not an Australian Citizen, my current course is going to be completed in November 2010 but I got my I-20 for fall 2010, what will happen if Visa Officer asks about my current course which hasnt been finished yet.

  13. I have got admission for both UTArlington and UAHuntsville. I have got scholarship of 20% Tuition Fee Waiver from UAHuntsville. But, now I have already taken Visa for UTArlington only after that I received Scholarship Information.

    Which one is better choice now?

    Both have my area of Specialization in M S in CSE?

    I am in doubt now?

    What does HSB suggest?


    Ajay Ramesh

      1. I have received The Presidential Scholarship which is a 20% tuition waiver that is granted to International Students.
        UAH I-20 Expenses says
        tuition and Fees: $16000
        Other Expenses: $10945
        I have also received e-mail stating as follows “The I-20 you received from UAHuntsville indicated that you should bring $6,000 for expenses for your first semester. That amount has increased to $14,000. The new amount will cover your tuition, health insurance, fees, living expenses and most of your miscellaneous items such as books. If you bring less than $14,000, you will not be able to fully cover the expenses for your first semester. ”
        UT Arlington Expenses
        Tuition and Fees: $12878
        Other Expenses: $12000
        Kindly, help me with this dilemma!

        1. Hey Ajay, I too have an admit from UAH. When did you get the Presidential Scholarship? Have you finalized on joining UAH?

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