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HSB012 – 7 Proven Benefits of Studying and Living Abroad. #3 is Often Overlooked.

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I have written extensively about benefits of studying abroad. This time, I take a step further to list out 7 benefits of studying abroad in today’s podcast show ( HSB012 ).

Who  should listen to this show?


From current students studying abroad as an international student to prospective students, parents and people living abroad.

Some of the benefits applies to people living abroad as well.

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Summary of the Show

Here’s 7 benefits of studying abroad

  1. Increased Self-Confidence
  2. Increased Maturity
  3. Develop world view
  4. Improved Academic Interests and Performance
  5. Intercultural Development
  6. Career Development
  7. Enhanced Career Path

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“Many times it really opens their eyes to a whole other way of thinking about the world that we live in and how their actions and their interactions with people from other cultures really have an effect on the world that we live in.” by Mark Salisbury in NPR Interview.

And you can refer to additional benefits from the previous blog posts here in the blog

There are times where we do things and take things for granted. But, such things comes with several benefits.

Lot of Indian students come to study in USA with the goal  of getting high paying job and saving money. But, it comes with several benefits.  Earnings potential is not covered as one of the benefits, but it’s the side effect of studying abroad.

You maybe studying abroad without know the all the benefits it has to offer.  When you listen to this show, you will get an idea about 7 benefits that you may not be aware of before this. You will get a better picture about your life.  That’s the reason, even current students should also listen to this show.

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  1. Thank you for this post…I couldn’t agree more! Studying abroad has so many benefits including opening new horizons culturally but also it provides people with an option to excel in a career that previously they felt wasn’t open to them for financial reasons. Medical schools that are highly reputable operate in countries like Bulgaria and Romania and their fees are affordable for most people.

  2. Bonjour! Raghu.

    I have a burning desire or may be too passionate to study abroad during the stint of my graduation and it still lightens.

    Once, I was graduated with a Bsc. Biotechnology (3 Years), I started working on to obtain my dream of studying abroad. However, due to a long delay in issuance of my passport and the tedious proccess of getting my birth certificate, I joined Amazon as a Process Associate to ensure I’m doing something valuable with my life.

    Then after, I joined Amazon, I got my passport delivered within 2 months, I took up IELTS and GRE coaching to ensure I write the tests and meet the deadlines of the universities. Been attending every University fair to get to know the details and the culutes of the coutnry and unviversity.

    However, after few months down the line, I’ve been procastinating to write tests and till now, I didn’t. Always read your posts and listen to the audio clips. The exceitement in me brightnes up everytime studetns talk about their experience.

    Also, I’m unable to decide a major that I should pursue ? How will I manage finances ? What will happen if I’m not able to survive.? Will I get a job?

    Fears haunt me and don’t let me break my shell.

    Any help regarding these question will be appreciated…

    1. Author

      Let me know if you have any topics that I can blog about or talk in the show.

      1. Sir currently I am studying engineering in instrumentation 2nd from an reputed college in India.I want to do my MS in engineering management. Can u please explain abt engineering management and whether I am eligible to do that.

      2. I would like to have list of good colleges/universities providing MS in Management information Systems.


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