Q&A – Financial Aid, I-20 and Electrical Engineering Jobs

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Question – 1 – Financial Aid and I-20

I am a regular to HSB and follow it quite well. I am glad that i learnt a lot about pursuing education in USA. Please pardon my ignorance in the matter that i am about to ask…

I applied to 5 universities and am waiting for my i-20 (feels like forever!! Waiting sucks.. :'( )

My doubt is, does the i-20 come along with my financial aid..??

I mean when a school grants me an i-20 does it also include a financial aid along with it..?

If not how do i get an aid..?

Please pardon my ignorance regarding the issue. Even though i come from a financially well off family, i want to do my MS on my money (well at least most of it). So, i kinda need the support badly..!

Name > Mathur

Answer –  Admission with Financial Aid and I-20

Question 2 – Electrical Engineering

I have a strong wish from my childhood to study in US…since i am from middle class the wish went as dream itself…but now i am ready to face all the hindrances and i wanna go US to pursue my MS…I wish to apply for the FALL 2013…

Fpr applying FALL 2013 when must i take GRE and TOEFL…I started to prepare for my GRE…

I have finished my BE in Electrical and electronics engineering with CGPA of 8.29…I am from ANNAMALAI UNIVERSITY..I just wan2 know whether people from popular colleges can oly do MS?Will my college name affect my MASTERS DREAM???

I also wan2 know what are the specialization courses available in Eelectrical engineering??Which is of having high value and high scope at present time???Can i get job soon aftr i finish my MS??What i wan2 do if i wanna get a job soon aft masters???

How much i need to have in my hand b4 i enter US if i get an education loan??Which bank is best suited for applying loan?

Name > Mirnalini

Answer –  Specialization, Cost of MS, Job Search


  1. I am preparing for F1 visa in few months time. Does college admits have chances of getting visa? I applied for an associate degree in Nursing cos I have a first degree in Human kinetics and health education from the university of lagos Nigeria.anyone with useful info shuld please write back

  2. OMG! i have similar kinda questions too..
    Waiting for the 20 likes now! 🙁

  3. @Mirnalini: Glad to hear that you want to continue your career in Electrical Engineering. I’m glad because everyone comes here and finishes their Master’s in EE but detours to Software side. Since you said that you graduated from Electrical and Electronics Engg., be specific that in which way you want to go i.e., Power Engg., Networking or Embedded. If you want to opt for Power Engg., select universities carefully because not all universities offer Power Engg. courses in every semester. Usually the ratio of Indian students coming for Power Engg. compared to other streams will be much lower. But there are quite good job offers for Power Engg. Anyways good luck to your career.

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