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Here is another list of questions we received for the messages that were sent out 2 days back entitled – "Week 2, Do you have any questions?" We received so many questions that we have to split them up in a set of 15 questions per post.

1) Naresh

I’m a computer engineering student & I would like to study M.S. in the U.S.A., but my financial condition is not too good. My parents are both farmers.
What will be the total expenditure including tuition fees for 2 years? Is there any loan or funding facility available? From which field I should have to do MS that should give me a good future? Please give an urgent reply.

Many students with financial situations similar to you are still able to study in the U.S. and graduate. Please refer to following articles to find more info about:

After you get admission, you can apply for Student Loan for studying in the U.S.

The field of study depends on your interests. You can make money in any field in the U.S. if you would really pursue your interests.

2) Harshita

Can you please send some SOP and LOR samples?

3) Adil

Hello, I came across your site a few weeks ago and it is very informative which is why I have subscribed to it.
I wish to do MS/ME in either aerospace or mechanical. I am a 2nd year mechanical engineering student [my 2nd year had just started!!]. My X and XII marks are 88 % and 81 % respectively.
I cleared my 1st year without any backlogs with an aggregate of 67%. I can definitely improve my BE percentage more to at least 70+.
My question is how to improve my CV more besides the academics. Should I do some internships or projects? Will that help even if I get low marks in GRE, etc.?
Also I wish to go abroad immediately after my final year so when should I start preparing for stuff? One last small question (please bear with me), I was also considering Singapore as another destination, i.e., NUS and NTU.
Is it comparatively easier to get there and what’s the scope of engineering there?

Read the ebook that you should have got access to after subscribing to this blog’s newsletter. It has all the details you are looking, including about steps to improve your CV, projects, exposure, academic profile, and other factors.

There is a proverb that says, You get what you pay for. The same goes to studying in either USA or Singapore.

4) Ravindar

How much score is better to get an admission in top 20 colleges in the U.S. for doing MS (CSE) academic b.tech – 74%, 12th standard 90, 10th is 89%. I have given points and more sports certificate.

Merely having good academics will not instantly get you into the Top 10 Universities in America or Top 20 Universities in the USA.

You also need to have adequate research exposure, good recommendation letters, and lot of additional efforts in creating projects apart from course works.

5) Yadav

Dear HSB,
Could you please tell me about the financial aid that foreign students can avail of at U.S. universities? Especially for students wishing to study microbiology or biotechnology?

International students are eligible to get scholarship, research assistantship, teaching assistantship or fellowship and part time jobs of up to 20 hours per week on campus.

However, not every student will get Financial aid at U.S. universities so you may want to get internship using CPT.

6) Aminul

Some U.S. universities want a copy of my B.Sc. (Hons) certificate issued by my university. But my university issues only one copy of the certificate while the U.S. university does not accept notarized, scanned or xeroxed copy. What should I do?
Besides my GRE (general score) of 1,440 (V-660,Q-780) and TOEFL of 105, my undergrad marks percentage is 58.125% from the Dept. of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology.
What tier of university is suitable for me? I have no articles/publications. What are the chances?

First you have to find universities in the U.S. that will accept students with 15 years of education.

Since B.Sc. degree in India is 3 years, you may have to get one more year of education before many universities in the U.S. will consider you for admission.

Graduate schools in the U.S. will ask for official transcripts, be it original copies of degree certificates. You have been misinformed about the degree certificate requirements.

7) Vaibhav

Hello Sir,
I am a  regular visitor to your blog. But I have one question which needed to be answered properly. When should one take a GRE to attend Spring semester? Please give a detailed outline of the whole procedure starting from GRE exam up to admission into a U.S. university.

If you need a more detailed, step by step process, you have 2 options:

  • The overview of the admission process is explained in the free ebook you should have got after subscribing to this blog’s newsletter.
  • Read all the articles in Happy Schools Blog related to GRE, TOEFL, admission to MS. This is a time consuming process, but all the information you are looking for is available. There are over 650 articles in this blog.

8) Sam

Sir, please give me a list of the top 10 U.S. universities offering MS and PhD programs for pharmaceuticals along with their requirements.

Sam, do you have some research experience and a GRE score above 1,400 to get into the top U.S. universities in MS or PhD?

If you ask a student who had just decided to study in the US will likely have the dream to study in the top 10 universities in the U.S. That’s how everyone will start searching for universities.

After they take their first GRE practice test, the then top 10 universities will become a top 50. Having a dream to study at the top 10 universities is good, but knowing one’s actual personal abilities is more important.

9) Sneha

I got an H-1B visa approval on accounts and finance. My question is do you have some sample visa interview questions for it?

Here is the link for H-1B Visa Mock Interview.

10) Rashmi

I just want know about the amount of financial aid U.S. universities typically provide to students. Is it in terms of concessions in tuition fee only or they also provide concessions in lodging and others?

First of all you have to understand how the entire US education system works and the different types of fee structures. Read the following articles to get more information:


  1. sir..
    i m a graduated with Bachelor of computer application in 2010 & planning to specialize in computer science but i rejected first interview in Mumbai consulate.now i will apply second time for interview in Mumbai consulate so plz give me any suggestion for getting a visa…

  2. Graduating this year with double major (maths & economics) B.Sc. Career goal: actuarial qualification specializing in risk management. To this end, I wish to pursue a M.Sc in mathematical analysis. Need guidance how to proceed such as inexpensive graduate school; study and work; etc. Outstanding GPA, and from a third world country.

  3. HSB,

    I have got an admit form UMass Amherst and am waiting for OU to reply. Actually i have applied for Sports Management Program. The problem is i am not coming across too many alums or people with adequate knowledge abt the program. Can you suggest what should i emphasise on for my Visa Interview.

  4. good day sir/madam,

    I am persuing degree final year in bio technology….my question is to you that i want to persue my MS in bio tech..from US so can u please let me know that what percentage of marks should i get to qualify……..n GRE….

  5. i got my 12th %ge very less copmpare to my BE %ge, will that effect on getting seat in the university's?

  6. Hi,

    I’m from BITS Pilani – goa campus, mechanical with GPA 6.71/3 Publications/ review committee member of two Int. Conf./ 3 National level competition wins !!! currently working in a Financial services firm ( had no other go when i passed out in 2009 due to some reasons) but want to do MS in Industrial engineering, I plan to give GRE 2011, and leave by 2012-14. I wonder if i still have chances to get into Industrial since my field of work currently belies completely in Finance and since I’m going on a loan, I’m perplexed to take a decision since I’m not very aware of the scope of getting a job after doing MS in Industrial! Can you please share out the best universities for Industrial MS ( any country) where there is min. assurance of job. Any information would be very useful and helpful for the needed facing a similar scenario.


  7. Sir,i have completed my B.Sc in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology.I m interested to take M.S in US university.I want to know some name of university,which offering this degree with low cost.

  8. I am Pradnya Chaudhari from Panvel.I have got admission in First round of medical through freeship in B.H.M.S IN a Nashik .but I want to remain for second round for that purpose I have to take provisional admission in Nashik. but MOTIWALA HOMEOPATIC COLLEGE told me to pay 2 DD of 12,500& 67,525 . And I am not capable of paying this then what can I do.Please tell me solutin or phone number or email-id because its question of my whole life. PLEASE GIDE ME ,PLEASE .

  9. Hi,

    I'm doin my BE in Electronics field, i'm in 3rd yr nw, and i'm planing to write GRE in aug,2011. so can u suggest me what should i do from now….??

    so that i can perfrom well in my GRE

  10. Hi hsb,

    im doing M.Tech final sem in computer science and engineering, i want do phd in u.s.a, i want to know the process how to get admistion in to phd. how much score needed in gre and toefl. some of my friends said that phd in u.s.a is free , and they will give aids too..like dt, is dt correct.

    plz gv me the detail about phd schedule, fees, and how much score needed.

  11. am doing b.tech 3rd year,my aggrigate percentage is 66 now,i would like to join in ms in us tell me the procedure to join in ms?and how many years i have to study in that m.s. course?plzzzzzzzz tell me

  12. Hi, My GRE is 930 and TOEFL is 85, I got admission in Florida Tech for the fall 2010 with scholarship, I got my visa rejected once, he just gazed at my individual score sheet(I had like 10 backlogs) and said rejected. How come the visa officer can just say decide without asking any question? I have 3 years of working experience, very good recommendations, project awards. Does it make sense to reapply for visa?

  13. Hi,

    I am planning to write my GRE in july.I want to know for what score in GRE I would be getting into top 30 colleges in US with financial aid.I am a CSE student.I am pretty good at programming(C,C++,Java) and other CSE related areas.

    Which field of study would I best in fit in?What are different areas in which I can do MS?



  14. I am Muluhabte Andualem. I am an Ethiopian I have graduated my bachelor and masters degree in physics from Ethiopia. after that I am at the kunguslika hogskolan techniska (KTH) in Sweden. now I need to pursue my Phd in material physics after finishing this program.would you please give me a piece of information about the admission criteria in the univesity of Alberta.

  15. Hello ,

    I am Tatarao, i Have 3+ Years of experience in oracle applications as technical developer.

    I am looking for H1 visa for this year(2010). please suggest me for how to proceed and please provide me some good H1 consultancies.

    Thanks & Regards,


  16. I will be very thankful, if anyone can send me the sample copy of the attractive emails that we send to the professors for any query or comments.

  17. Hello…I have registered first time today to these web & found it to be very useful site.It contains almost all the information which are required to the students.

  18. Dear sir

    I have aggregated %tage of 73 in 5 year B.E course in Medical Engineering, I want to pursue higher education in computational fluid dynamics in any university of USA, the only thing I want is to get full flash scholorship

  19. hello sir,

    i am doing my MD in medical biochemistry.. i am in my 1st year.. i awnt to do a Ph.D from canada or US in an allied subject which can give a boost to my career.. what are the steps i have to so through to get an admission in respectable university and what will be the job oppurtunities i will have.. i want to prepare myself accordingly.. kindly enlighten me with with your knowledge..

    thanking you


  20. My interest is in doing a master's programme in canada. Do I have to pay in the full school fees before I can be given a visa and what conditions or fulfilments will increase my chances of getting a student visa.

    I would also like to know if I can be allowed to work while I school as an international student in Canada.

    I am a medical doctor and am interested in doing a masters programme in infectious disease or immunology. Thank you.

  21. Hello Sir,

    I am completing my B.Tech from NIT Warangal in April 2010, branch: EEE. But I will write GRE may be in June 2010. My class 10th percentage was 90.4% and in 12th I secured 90.8% (school topper). I have a CGPA of 9.41 with 2nd position in my branch. I have a strong CV but have only one publication. As I know its difficult to get an aid so I would like to ask that is it necessary to have a very good GRE score and with my academic excellence will I be in a position to secure teaching assistantship or any other kind of aid after getting into the university. Thank You.

  22. sir

    i want to pursue my under grat from a college in the us.

    i have got 87%in tenth nd expecting nearly 92% in 12.

    my sat score is 1800.

    could u suggest some university for me and give information on how to go abt the addmission process.

  23. Hello Sir,

    I am currently working as Research Associate (Bioinformatics) in India after completion of M.Sc Bioinformatics (2008) and I desire to go for P.hd bioinformatics in Canada.So please let me know can I get admission there on the basis of TOEFL score,and if yes then what should be the minimum score.rest please also inform me about the related universities.

  24. SALAM, SIR


  25. hello there,

    i've done bsc which is 3 yr and then i worked for 1 year, i want to do mba in usa, and in order to satisfy 16 years i've this year joined MHRM, and i am in first semester, i intend to go in fall 2010, so my question is that will they consider me i mean if i complete 1yr of MHRM then will it be considered 16 yrs and can i apply now ??? and i've one year gap (due to job) after bsc so that wont be an issue na that 16 years should be continuous ??? pl reply i really need suggestions.

  26. Hi,

    i want to do my MS from US and that too one of the top 20 universities…my profile is :



    3 LORs….

    so can anyone suggest what universities do i have the best chance of getting into…


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