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This is Round 2 of the answers for the questions you have asked through email. The first 10 Questions were answered in Round 1 about GRE and graduate school admission.

1) Robin

Thanking your for your cooperative & sincere gestures for sending me all the resourceful & helpful blog posts regarding GRE & U.S. university admission process.
I hope you keep on sending me all the latest updates & important news about GRE & admissions in various universities abroad.

Robin, thanks for your encouraging words. It’s good to see that you are finding the posts useful. Please forward the useful information you find here to your friends.

2) Narendara

Hello sir. I need full info regarding the registration for the GRE. I’m planning to appear in the last week of October or first week of November.
Can you please tell me how to register for the GRE? And to check the availability of the exam dates? What are the requirements?
Is it possible to use the credit card of my friend? I am in a desperate need of this info and I don’t wanna make it hard any longer.
If you can reply to me today or tomorrow, it will be a great help. Please sir, help me out.
I am basically from Pune and had not joined any coaching. Have a good day sir.
I’m eagerly waiting for your response.

Refer to following articles:

3) Anandh

Hi, I am Anandh. I have taken my GRE and TOEFL, my GRE score is 1,220 (680+540 v;3.0) and I’m still waiting for my TOEFL score. I would like to know the universities/institutes that charge application fees below 40$ for PhD in biological sciences program (molecular biology, biochemistry, developmental biology). This would be of great help. Thank you in advance.

You have to select U.S. universities that have lower fees, not universities that have low application processing fees. Will you be comfortable to apply at universities where you cannot get financial aid or part time jobs, but with low application fees? Think!

4) Pavini 

Dear Sir/Mam,
I’m thanking you for sending your daily links.
I really want to give my thanks to you.

It’s good to see that you are finding some useful stuff from the blog. Do post comments and participate in the discussions. Being a passive reader will not get you more info.

5) Divina –

Hello! I’m glad to receive and give opportunity to ask question here at happy school blog.
My H-1B visa was recently approved by USCIS. First they issued an RFE, my employer told me that I need to give a visa screen, then all of the sudden USCIS approved my petition even without a visa screen.
I’m wondering if there is any possibility that my visa will be rejected if I go to the U.S. embassy for visa stamping. I’m a little confuse with my situation. Please enlighten me.

H-1B visa approval and H-1B visa stamping are two different entities. Don’t confuse approval with H-1B stamping.

6) Amol

I have completed my B. Pharm from Pune University. My profile is as follows:
1) GRE Score: 1,140
2) TOEFL Score: 97
3) B.Pharm: First class with distinction (throughout the program)
4) 12th boards: 81.0%
5) 10th CBSE board: 75.0%
I am planning to go for M.S/PhD in pharmaceuticals. Can I get admission with these scores? Or should I take GRE once again? Please give your suggestions.

A GRE score of 1,140 is enough to get admission at U.S. universities. If you feel confident that you can improve your score above 1,250, then retake GRE. Or else, just apply with the same score.

It’s not required to do both MS and PhD. You can apply directly to PhD. Admission to PhD is much different that of a master’s program.

7) Prasant

Sir, how are the Amity London/Singapore campuses for MBA? Should I go for GRE or I just continue at Amity since I have already taken admission there?

We don’t not know what your future plans are. GRE will get into the technical field as well as MBA admission in U.S. universities. Sorry, we don’t know anything about Amity.


  1. I have completed my B.Pharm from Shivaji university,kolhapur.My profile is as follows:

    1)GRE Score:1240

    2)TOEFL Score:93

    3)B.Pharm: first class

    4)12 th boards:76.0 %

    5)10 th CBSE board:86.6%

    I am planning to go for M.S/Phd in pharmaceutics.Can i get admission with this score? please suggest some universities..

  2. Hi, I am Tushar Aggarwal. I am supposed to take GRE in october 2010 and my estimated score is 1200 and estimated TOEFL score is 80+.

    My graduation (B.tech in mechanical) % is 76.

    I want to know which universities should i apply to get 100% scholarship for MS in aerospace or mechanical engineering for admission in Fall 2011. I have no research work yet and project is yet to be done in october 2010.

    Please suggest me some universities.

  3. Sir/Mam,
    i want to pursue my MS from UK.i know a score beyond 1300 can land me in a nice college.
    but do i require some research work essentialy for getting in there????

  4. hello sir,i am a student of 3rd b.tech ECE branch having an aggregate of 70 per,i am willing to do MS after completion of my B.tech.Can u tell me the specialisations offered in ECE branch n scores required in GRE n TOFEL.

  5. Hello,
    I am currently pursuing bachelor of computer applications(bca) and currently i am in my final year i.e 3rd year.I would like to know what M.S courses i can pursue relating to my field of study. and since U.S universities need 16 years of education what should i do after i finish my bca,since after completion i shall end up with 15 years of education?

  6. Hello HSB,

    Could you please tell me the GRE score requirements for different universities in US?atleast you suggest me some universities.plz

    waiting for your reply


    1. @Rhushikesh Saoji
      friend ,instead of waiting for response, use the time to go the particular university website and find the details that you are looking for.
      it is easy and effortless.
      it is only a suggestion, it your need friend,
      hence i request you to spend time in searching in the net
      this will help yourself

      another point "It seems like universities are generally counted together with colleges. So here is the answer from the Association of American Colleges and Universities. It says there are two thousand six hundred eighteen accredited four-year colleges and universities. Most operate privately or as part of state governments.

      Now we have a question of our own. Just what exactly does it mean if a school is accredited?

      Accreditation is a process designed to guarantee that the education provided by a school meets accepted levels of quality. In the United States, this process involves both government agencies and private groups called accrediting agencies.

      The United States Department of Education does not accredit schools. But the law requires the secretary of education to publish a list of accrediting agencies recognized as dependable.

      Accrediting agencies develop educational goals. Then they examine schools to make sure those goals are met.

      The first step in the process is for a college or university to request accreditation. Then the school does a study of itself to measure its performance against the requirements.

      The accrediting agency sends a team of experts to decide if the school meets the standards. The agency will observe an accredited college or university every few years.

      Schools must be accredited for students to receive government financial aid. Accreditation also makes it easier for students to move credits from one school to another. Going to an accredited school can also make it easier for students to get a good job.

      There is a group called the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. It has a Web site where students can learn if a school or program is accredited by a recognized United States organization. The address is chea.org. Again, c-h-e-a dot org.

      you are welcome

  7. hello sir'

    can you help me to get me the list of universities in Canada,US,UK and Singapore with their GMAT scores?

    and also the list of reputed other universities in the above mentioned countries where one can apply without appearing GMAT.

  8. respected sir,

    i am planning to give gre exam in first week of november 2009. is counseling required immediatly from now? i want to pursue m.s. in pharmaceutics. can u provide a list of all universities specifically?

  9. hello sir,
    what are documents required for admission into US universities..
    Is degree certificate is enough or else should we get it affidavit ……. what are the recommending letters from educational institute.

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