Quick F1 Visa Reject @ Chennai US Consulate for Spring 2012

Raghuram Sukumar F1 Visa Interview Experiences 6 Comments

Had my F-1 Student Visa interview on 5th Dec at Chennai.

  • Result: Reject
  • Univ: MS-CS @ New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Background: academics are 59.4% and 4 backlogs.
  • GRE 1250, TOEFL 102

VO – About 30 year old guy, dull chap, no expression.

Visa Interview at Chennai

Me: Hi, Good morning sir!
VO: (dull) Hi, how are you?
Me: I’m good, thank you. How about you sir?
VO: Fine.
(I pass him the folder of primary documents. He goes to I20 and reads it, then flips through to the end, which is my provisional degree certificate – It says ‘Second Class’)

VO: What is your UG percentage?
Me: 59.4%, sir.

VO: And do you have any backlogs?
Me: Yes.

VO: How many?
Me: Four.
(He doesn’t say anything, just looking at me for like 2 secs. I assume he wants me to explain about them)
Me: I found electronics related subjects to be difficult; but I did cope up and cleared them in following semesters sir; The subjects are all electronics based, and I am going for masters in computer science……

VO: I understand; What are the four courses?
Me: (Listed the subjects)
Me: Any other documents you will need sir?
(VO doesn’t say anything, types something and returns all my documents. Takes a sheet and marks it and passes that with my passport)

VO: I cannot grant you a visa today. The details are in this sheet.
Me: But why sir? Could I have a reason?

VO: Based on your academic profile, I denied you the visa. You can apply again.
(I just blink dumbly and nod)
VO: Good luck next time.
(I just stagger out, saying nothing)

Almost all VI experiences I have read, or heard, they all seem to start with the standard questions like which univ, why this university, etc.

This VO starts off with my academics (my visa application’s only weak point) directly and end it there – hardly a minute!

I’ll be applying again for around Dec 14th. Any suggestions?

What is the best possible way to approach weak acads? Can’t say particular semester was bad – coz 2 backs in 3rd sem and 2 in 6th sem.

Student US Visa Rejection

I can think of possible reasons for your visa rejection.



  1. f1 visa got rejected…. vo asked ly 1 question why US??? i answerd well but don know y rejected… plz help

  2. You shouldn’t have told the consular that you found electronic subjects difficult ‘cos MSc. computer science involves a sizable number of electronic courses. Also that statement of yours tries to justify your backlogs and that shouldn’t be so. Try to give short answers to every question you’re given. You shouldn’t have give that explanation at first ‘cos you weren’t asked that in the first case. Be more confident and composed next time you apply for a visa interview

  3. “significant change in your application”, “changed since previous time?”…
    Its academics! What can possibly change?

    1. Let the person taking your interview asks you a question that ” why would we give you visa this time, since we have rejected you previous time, what was the loop hole previous time that you have removed this time”. Be prepare for this question.
      It’s very tough question trust me.
      You cannot change your academics in this short period , think about anything else.
      and next time don’t show the points where you are weak rather try to show your quality.

  4. I suggest you don’t apply so quickly, because mostly time there is a single question which arise 2nd time and that is , what have u changed since previous time??

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