Should You Quit MS if Full-Time Job is Offered with H1B?

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Question from Reader.

I’m a graduate student doing my Masters in US. I started my course in Jan 2011.

Currently I’m on F1 visa, according to this visa I cannot work off campus of an academic year i.e till Jan 2012.

In case if a company offers me full-time job before tat or an internship should the company immediately change my visa to H1B ?

Is there any way I can stay on with F1 visa and still work ?

I do know about co-op but tat requires me to be enrolled in school as a full-time student. in case I get a co-op which require me to relocate is it legal to take up the  co-op?

Off Campus Jobs

  • You cannot take part-time jobs from off campus while in F1 Visa.
  • Only way for you to work for a company is via internship and CPT after 2 semesters.

Read this post where I have discussed about On campus, Part Time jobs and internships.

F1 to H1B

If you get full-time job while doing Masters through direct employment (not through consulting companies) then I would seriously consider taking the job.

But, under following conditions

  • You can continue to attend schools (campus or online)
  • you have determination to finish Masters.

If you have asked the same questions 3 years back, I would recommend against taking up the job offer. But, now finding job takes a lot of effort, so if you get one, then explore the options that would allow you to continue and complete Masters degree.

If you have  additional questions about the process or studying while on H1B, post a comment.


  1. This is a very interesting question.

    According to the situation right now, If u get a full time job then it is advisable to go for a job & then parallel by selecting ur University U can request DSO for evening classes. If u are doing your job near to ur university.

  2. I have done MSc in nanotechnology this year and i want to give gre for PHD in USA so tell which university are best for nanotech. research .

    1. hi,

      There are many universities, which are doing a lot of good work in the field of nano,
      MIT, GeorgiaTech, Purdue, CNSE- SUNY A, Rice are the major one, and few more too….

      All the best

  3. Hi,

    Based on your suggestion for F1 to H1, i have a concern applying for H1. Right now i’m doing my MS and also working for a company on my CPT. Now i’m thinking to apply for a H1 and also intending to complete my Masters while i’m working with more flexibility. I acquired this job through a consultant, is it good to apply H1 Or are there any issues if i apply for H1 within the 7 months time that i came to US.

    1. 1. How did you get CPT within 7 months in US?
      2. Consider H1 only if tis full time direct employment (not through consultant)

      1. Well, after completion of first quarter they offered CPT and I’m hired through a consultant. Can i know why it is not good to apply for H1 if hired through a consultant?

        1. Let us know your University name?

          As per USCIS rules CPT should be taken after completing 2 semesters.
          Also check whether ur consultancy is e-verified or not or else they may get problems in near future and ur H1 may also get cancelled.
          so plz Avoid short-cuts.

  4. Consider what would be the options available for you after getting your MS degree. Are there chances of you landing a better job than with your current degree ? Having spent so much money and time for your MS degree..I would recommend twice and explore all available options..


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