Top 48 Countries for Higher Education – USA #1, India #48

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Universitas 21 (U21) have published rankings countries based on  Higher Education System. Total of 48 countries have been considered for the Rankings.

The Universitas 21 ranking of national higher education systems has been developed to highlight the importance of creating a strong environment for higher education institutions to contribute to economic and cultural development, provide a high-quality experience for students and help institutions compete for overseas applicants.

Factors used for Rankings Resources, Environment, Connectivity, Output

  • Resource  – Government expenditure, total expenditure, R&D expenditure in tertiary institutions.
  • Environment variable comprises the gender balance in students and academic staff, a data quality variable and a quantitative index of the policy and regulatory environment based on survey results.
  • Degree of monitoring (and its transparency), freedom of employment conditions and in the choice of the CEO, and diversity of funding.
  • Connectivity –  Numbers of international students and articles written jointly with international collaborators.
  • Output – Research output and its impact, the presence of worldclass universities, participation rates and the qualifications of the workforce.

Report Link

World Higher Education Rankings of Countries

world higher ed rankings


As you can see USA is Ranked #1  and followed by Sweden, Canada, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

About Universitas 21

Universitas 21 is the leading global network of research-intensive universities, working together to foster global citizenship and institutional innovation through research-inspired teaching and learning, student mobility, connecting our students and staff, and wider advocacy for internationalisation.

Few months back we had heated discussion about Education in India in the following articles

Above report more or less confirms reasons argued why Education System in India needs drastic change and invalidates argument people where having in favor of  Education system in India.

You can read in detail about the factors used to determine the rankings of countries providing best higher education.

Its sad to see India ranked at last place (#48) of 48 countries considered for Rankings, but that’s the reality. So many talented students flocking to other countries for Higher Education.

When Indian students can shine and reach new height in foreign countries, why not same opportunity can be provided for them within India?


  1. m doing msc in structural in UK,can anyone tell me how is the exposure in UK for civil engineers?

  2. In India if you get admission in top colleges, you are lucky otherwise if want to get good education you have to look for admission in WEST.

  3. for the naysayers, achieving the 48th position among 193 countries of the world is not really that much bad, don’t you think so?!

  4. I am doing B.E(last year) in biotechnology from NSIT,UNIVERSITY OF DELHI.Iam preparing for gre.I want to do M.S in biomedical engg.Can anybody tell which of the following universities offer this course.Also give some idea about the fee structure……

    1. University of Texas
      Cullen college of Engineering,University of Houston,
      Wayne State University are

  5. I have one question for admin. I had originally planned for US but my funds are falling short[GGRRRGRGRRR!]. So i was thinking of germany for MS in Microelectronics, NOW that u have brought this ranking, I am sort of in a dilemma. SHUD I GO TO GERMANY,WAT DO U SAY?? And i was aiming for FH, Dresden, Darmsdadt, TU Dortmund,Berlin. PLZ GIVE ME A REPLY. I dont want any evaluation, JUST GIVE A GREEN OR RED ACCORDING TO UR KNOWLEDGE!!!

  6. I’m pretty sure as to what justification can our ruling government would give for this scenario. “Pakistan is not even in the list, so we are better!” . . Grow up !!!

  7. It is interesting to know that people even anticipate India to be considered to be in the ranking list for Education.
    So ludicrous ! 🙂
    – Vignesh

  8. I think India is far behind from USA…It is true..Recently, I finished my MS from Florida..It was great experience…I think our research is far behind compare to research in USA………..

  9. Surprised to see Germany at 17, I thought it would figure in the top 10.

    Not in the least startled about India, but at least we’re better than places like Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan etc., although that ain’t saying much.

    1. The time has come for us to stop comparing ourselves with Somalia and Pakistan. Cmon, are we still at that level. We will never develop if we keep Pakistan in our mind.

      1. Hmm I was actually being sarcastic when comparing to S, I, P. Maybe it didn’t come out right.

        Yes, we are slightly above that level in terms of education.

  10. Eye opener for the people who run our country and the education system. Does the budget allocated for educational reforms reach its destination? Is enough money provided to the institutions to carry path-breaking research? May be we can do it. We can go to USA, learn, earn lots of money and open/contribute to research institutions in India. Something to think about.

    1. Even some people won’t get an admission in IIT’s they will definitely get their masters or doctors seat in US, then which rank is higher!
      All to a push, I wanna say density matters neither the quality nor the money.

      1. RaTj – Admissions criteria don’t decide diddly-squat about the OVERALL rank of a uni. Yes, IITs are harder to get into than the top American unis, that doesn’t mean they are better.

        For example, The Economist’s ‘Which MBA?’ has rated IIM-A as the hardest business school in the world to get into. Does that mean any sane person can compare it to Wharton and HBS?

        If you say quality (as in research scope) and money (endowments) don’t matter, that argument is so inherently warped that I can’t possibly address it. It’s like trying to convince a person that jumping off the top floor of a building could be injurious to their health.

      2. You need to remember that
        1. In India other than IITs, NITs and few more universities there are no other good colleges and when you start to compare the cost of education it gets really tough for pursuing undergraduation in US and that is the reason there is so much competition and only few get thru.
        2. Not all Indian students get into the top universities only the best do … but as there are so many good universities in US students get into them easily.

        1. Prabodh got my point. Just an exam of the IIT cant decide the quality of EVERY indian, I mean every participant, TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION ALL FACTORS THAT AFFECT A HUMAN BEING. May be it will seem that my reasoning is a whine. But think about it, PRESSURE,TENSION,ANXIETY,ETC ETC HAVE DIFFERENT EFFECTS IN DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Some can cope,some cant but,wud that mean he is nowhere near to those who get into IITs. Leaving SOME IITS(YES SOME,not all IITS are equal),BITS(pilani), NOT CONSIDERING NITs(for MTech) name some univs whom you will say have prolific research scopes?? NOT SEE PLACEMENTS PLZ!!

          1. DEV and Prabodh – Both of you didn’t get the ponit I was trying to make. I am NOT comparing the calibre of Indian students who may or may not get into IITs. I am talking about the quality of the IITs, NOT the quality of the selection process or the prowess of the students who try to enter.
            So when you say “and that is the reason there is so much competition and only few get thru. Not all Indian students get into the top universities only the best do … but as there are so many good universities in US students get into them easily.” and also “Just an exam of the IIT cant decide the quality of EVERY indian, I mean every participant,” —- You both are addressing something I haven’t even brought up in my original comment. In fact I agree with you when you say that the entrance exam cant decide the quality of the student, I even mentioned that – “Yes, IITs are harder to get into than the top American unis…”

            No offense to either of you, but a little bit of comprehension would’ve gone a long way.

          2. I wasnt going at u!! Prabodh’s comment caught my attention, and I showed my support. See thats why face 2 face conversations are best!!hahaha

          3. @Rushika I never replied to your comment .. if you see I have replied to RaTj’s comment … I agree with what you said

          4. DEV and Prabodh, it came under my box and it wasn’t addressed to anyone, so obviously I would assume it was meant for me.

            Yeah you are right, face to face convos are best, removes ambiguity like this.!

  11. Well this blog itself is for higher education abroad so it pretty much answers the question 😀

    1. NO,I think this blog has a OPEN mind and has the ability or shud i say the integrity to credit every deserving univ.

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