Recession Driving More Students to Top-Ranked Universities in the U.S.

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Last time we published the article, Can I come to the US for Master’s Studies during Recession?.

For today, let’s look at a recent Bloomberg article that reports of an increase in the number of applications received by the top ranked universities in the U.S.

Increase in College Applications

  • Princeton University – 19%
  • Harvard University – 5%
  • Brown University – 20%
  • Duke University – 12%
  • University of Pennsylvania – 17%
  • Dartmouth College – 3%
  • University of Chicago – 42%
  • Stanford University – 5%
  • MIT – 6%

Key Points

  • More students are seeking admission to top-ranked universities because they think a degree from these schools can help them land a better job after graduation, particularly during this time of economic uncertainty.
  • The increase may make this year’s admissions process even more selective, as colleges have more qualified students for about the same number of slots as last year.

College Admission – Acceptance Rate

  • Duke University – 15%
  • Harvard – 7%
  • Princeton – 10%
  • Yale – 7.5%
  • Northwestern – 27%

So if you have very a good profile and still don’t get admission, you now know the reason why your admission was denied.

However, you should also take note that the number of international students applying for admission into American schools during the current economic recession had also decreased.

So what do you infer from these 2 scenarios in the current recession?

  • Domestic U.S. students deciding to go back to school. (I will have a better job when the market recovers.)
  • International students are deciding not to study in the US. (What if I don’t get a job after spending lots of money?)

Who do you think is optimistic and which category do you belong to?


  1. I belong to the category that thinks recession will bring me prosperity after my MS in US!!!

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