What Recruiters See On Your Resume in 6 Seconds

How long does a recruiter spend looking at a resume?

6 Seconds.

Yes, Just 6 seconds according to recent survey by the TheLadders.

If you need a job, you have to impress the recruiter with your resume within 6 seconds.

Resume in 6 Seconds


Now, you are probably wondering how can I craft a resume that would impress the recruiter within 6 seconds?

Key Recommendations from the Survey

  • Turn to a professional for resume rewrites;
  • insist on an organized layout and a strong visual hierarchy;
  • make sure online profiles are easy-to-read, without distracting visuals – that is, it makes sense to follow the style found on TheLadders.com

Here is a challenge for you based on your resume – Rate Your Resume (how good is your resume).

Professionally written resume would cost a lot of money, but if you your job, career, life depends on finding a job after spending several thousand dollars  in USA, then you should consider getting a professionally written resume.

I have used Resume Edge to write my resume and I personally know 2 others who used Resume Edge.

Also, I have reviewed several resumes and conducted interviews. Based on that experience, I can say I tend to spend more time reviewing a resume written by a professional.

Typically it will cost $180 to $250 to have your resume written professionally.

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