Booking GRE With First Name Longer Than 22 Characters

Raghuram Sukumar GRE 4 Comments

I have to register for GRE, but ETS doesn’t allow me to have spaces in names. I have read a blog post of yours about multiple first and last names. But I am still uncertain in my case. Here is how my name appears in the passport.

Given name – Rxxxx Bxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx
Surname – Axxxxxxx

How should I specify my name? ETS only allows 22 characters in a text box. Can I specify as
First name – RxxxxBxxxxxxxxxxxx
Surname – RxxxxxAxxxxxx

In this case, the surname as in passport and this surname differs. Does it pose any problem?

I have to book my GRE tonight. So please help!!

Book GRE Dates – Longer First Name

According to ETS, you should book GRE using following name

First name – RxxxxBxxxxxxxxxxxxRxxx (22 characters long)
Surname – Axxxxxx

First name cuts off your part of Rxxxxxx, but that’s ok.

Follow the instructions, don’t invent or assume a new process.

Last name is that counts and given more importance than first name. So, mess with your last name.

Having part of first name cut will be less problematic than having different last name.