Options if you Register for GRE with Incorrect Surname

Raghuram Sukumar GRE 2 Comments

Question –

First of all, thanks a million for the blog. It is of great help for my GRE preparation.

I have a problem. My name on my passport in “Dxxx Sixxx” but when i applied for GRE on ETS i gave my name as “Dxxx Shixxx” since my father has been using the latter spelling in all his recent documents. Is this spelling error a problem? Will i face trouble?

I’m taking up the test on Nov 28, 2011.


Refer to Missing Surname Problems in Passport

You will learn about problems you can run into with incorrect surname or no surname.

  1. Name in your passport is the base reference.
  2.  If your dad changed his spelling, then you need to update your passport.
  3.  Your cannot use the new spelling, as your official name without changing your name in your passport.


  1. Request ETS to see if you can update the spelling (I don’t think this will work)
  2.  Cancel the Registration
  3.  Re-register with name as per passport or
  4.   Update name in your passport, get new passport, then register for GRE.

Risky Option

  • Don’t change name in the passport.
  • On the day of the exam, you can have them correct the spelling to match the passport.

I can think of few more solutions, but they are still risky. Now the decision is yours.