Which GRE Scores to Report?

Raghuram Sukumar GRE 1 Comment

I have given gre three times so do i need to report all the scores to universities i m applying for or reporting one score or the best one is enough

Actually i m applying through fax service so can I include all the confirmation numbers in the same score reporting form or I need to fill three different forms for that.

If reporting is through different forms so does that mean that i need to pay three times extra fees – Questions from  Ila via email.

GRE Score Reporting

Update : ETS provides option to report selected GRE scores via Score Select.

All GRE scores that you took within last 5 years will be reported to the universities of your choice. Looks like you have appeared for GRE 3 times. You can use the latest confirmation number (ie. 3rd GRE score report)

You don’t have an option to pick which GRE scores to be reported to the university.

It’s not required to include all 3 GRE confirmation numbers while using Fax services to report GRE scores.

GRE Report Fees

Fees you pay is per score recipient included in the Fax form. You can choose to use 4 forms for 4 universities or use 1 form for all 4 universities. I don’t see a reason why you have to use multiple forms to report the sores. You are going to pay fax fees for every time, when you can use just 1 form.

If you use different forms with different confirmation number for same schools, you might be charged multiple times for same schools.



  1. i want to ask u that due to some reasons i m unable 2 join GRE classes

    because this time i got late for that so could you plz suggest me how to study for GRE

    m very tensed

    right now I m in 3rd yr engg in computer stream

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