10 Resume Items to Get A Top Paying Job On Wall Street

How to get Top paying Job in Wall Street?

Busienss Schools Hiring

I’m not talking about Highest Paid MBA Graduate in 2011, but $250,000 yearly pacy check would be good enough.

Well, Business Insider published 10 Must Haves on Resume for Wall Street Job

10 Resume Must Haves for Top Job

  1. The right degree – investment banks recruit heavily from the most elite universities.
  2. Baller grades – you want at least a 3.5 to land an interview.
  3. The right major
  4. Excel skills
  5. Athletic experience – It shows that you’re competitive and can work productively with others in an intense environment.
  6. Extracurricular success –
  7. The all-important internship
  8. CFA exams –
  9. Entrepreneurship –
  10. The killer connection (How to Build Your Brand and Market Yourself)

How many items do you have in your Resume from the above list?

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