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One of the common mistakes in the resume  – unreadable.  when you look at a resume, it should have enough white space and keywords should standout.

So, how do you make a resume more readable? Use White space. [ 6 Costly Mistakes to Avoid in Resume]

How to Add White Space in Resume

  • To add some white space above each position in Microsoft Word 2007,  highlight the title line of each row
  • Click on Line spacing icon on Home tab > Paragraph, then select at least 4 pt.
  • If you have more space left on the page at the end you can go to 6 pt
  • Do the same Ctrl highlighting for the bullet points throughout the document and try 1.5 to  3 pt. spacing before each line.
  • Don’t have more than 4 to 5 bullets below a title.

Bonus tip – Print your resume and see how it looks.  Having a resume that is easy to read will make a world of difference. I have seen so many resume that contains  many bullet points that looks clustered and hard to read.

Here is sample resume bullets that shows before and after adding whitespace.

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