Resumé Writing Tips

Resumés play a very important role in getting you job offers. Resumés open up the door for job interviews. However, preparing a resumé is a tough task.

When I drafted my resumé, I had 28 questions about resumés and I did find answers to all the questions about resumés.

Then I realized, having skills is of no real use unless you find a way to highlight your skills in your resumé.

When writing a resumé, try to avoid the top mistakes in resumé writing that every student usually make during the writing of initial drafts.

Resumé Writing Tips

My first resumé looked too plain, dull, expressionless. But I was quick to realize that first impression counts.

If a resumé is too crowded with information and your skills are not visible, a hiring manager will not be interested and impressed in you. So I cleaned up my resumé to make create that good “first impression”.

If your resumé wants to speak about your personality, make use of the following resumé writing tips.

I’ve searched lots of free resumé samples, created so many resumé drafts, and had them reviewed by my seniors, college career counselors, and mentors, before I was able to finally get it right.

I like to stress that fact that your resumé will be evolving, you can’t get it right the first time. As you search for jobs, you will have to make changes to the resumé.

If a job requires some skills that you have, which you still haven’t highlighted in your resumé, then make the necessary changes. One version must fit a particular job.

So now you know, resumés must keep changing over time and with every new job you apply for.

How to Make a Resumé

Here are a few useful links to help you create your resumé. I used the resources below very extensively when I created my resumé.

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