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Today I’m going to review the best selling GRE book –  Cracking the GRE 2011 DVD Edition. Previously I have reviewed 2 other GRE books. There are numerous  GRE books available for sale, but its not possible to buy all the book.

This book comes in 2 different editions

Cracking the GRE 2011 DVD

  • 4 full-length practice tests online
  • Revised GRE exam details for Graduate School Test
  • GRE Practice questions in the book along with strategies
  • Available from June 8, 2010
  • 464 Pages in total (same as non dvd edition)


Total of 23 chapters is divided into 5 sections as below.

  1. Orientation (1,2)
  2. How to Crack the Verbal Section (3 to 8)
  3. How to Crack Math Section (9 to 13)
  4. How to crack analytical writing section (14 to 19)
  5. Practice (20 to 23)

Cracking GRE  2011 Overview

  • How to solve problems quickly by process of elimination
  • Elimination process explained in detail to save time
  • How to effectively use the scratch paper
  • 3 types of words in GRE
    • Known Words
    • Sort of Known Words
    • New Words (how to handle all 3 words types)
  • Math section  – (numbers, math, geometry, convert algebra to arithmetic questions)
  • This book will have  key that can be used online the Princeton Review to access to four full-length practice tests

Buy or Not?

  • Ranked as best selling GRE book at time of this writing.
  • Good strategies + Princeton Review brand name make it #1
  • Use this book to learn effective strategies for GRE.
  • Number of practice tests could
  • More chapters could be added to math section (since more problem types appear in GRE)
  • This book is not for Revised GRE 2011 (only provides information about revised GRE)
  • Click the link to buy this book Cracking the GRE with DVD, 2011 Edition

If you ask me how to how to earn high test scores or suggest good GRE study guide, I would certainly recommend this book. Also, many students buy few more GRE Test prep books for strategies and improving their weak areas in Verbal and Math sections.


  1. @aviral: Hi could u pls list some top universities for doing MS in embedded systems? Does the course have enough job opportunities?

  2. Hi HSB,

    I got a gre score of 1400 but my academic record is not well i.e. GPA. is below 3.0.Are their chances that I can get a call from some good universities.Ho much the academic record matters if applying for M.S. .please suggest.Thanks for your help!!

    I am daily reader of HSB and have got great help for attaining this score.

  3. Hey HSB

    I have been following HSB very religiously and I have to say that it has helped me a lot in obtaining a score of 1440 in GRE. I have a ceratin query if you could answer it, it would be really helpful.
    I am currently in Final Year of my B.Tech and I wanted to do MS in Embedded systems from US. I am confused whether I should go after Completing my Btech OR after getting some Work Ex. I have not given my TOEFL till date and I will give it on 13th Nov.
    (Sry for posting it here, didnt know where else to post)

      1. Because my profile is not that strong, if I have some work ek along with my academic record, I might get into a better University. The univerisyt which I am targetting, I would not be able to attend them with the profile that I have right now.Is waiting 1-2 years worth a better University??

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