Revised GRE Practice Test vs Actual Score Comparision

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Revised GRE Experience shared by Lokesh.

Are my dreams shattered?

I am not a pessimist but now feel like one.

I took the GREĀ  in July (Old Pattern) and got my scores Q-700 V-460.

I decided to retake GRE in the New GRE pattern in October and got the following score

  • q-630-730 v-400-500

Revised GRE -Practice Tests Scores

I nearly took six practice tests and all the score were between the range

  • q-750-800 v-520-620,
  • q-750-800 V-500-600
  • q-750-800 v-480-580
  • q-730-800 v-520-620
  • q-750-800 v-460-560
  • q-750-800 v-540-640

Before the exam day I had severe viral fever and it continued onto the exam day. Guys I was feeling totally sick and had the feeling to quit the test.

But I gave my best during the exam. Guys what am I supposed to do?

I was very much interested in wireless communication and I worked hard in my UG and published a research paper in IEEE.

Now I fear whether my admission in a research university are totally down to zero.

  • Branch: ECE
  • UG percentage: 72
  • Achievements:
    • Published a research paper 4G mobile communications (IEEE explore)
    • Published a research paper based in RFID (BCS- British Computing Society)
    • Published a research paper in SQL injection(BCS- British Computing Society)
    • Present 3 papers in college level symposiums.
    • Started a website with my friends and it will be launched in November.
    • Received the best student award from my college for two consecutive years for publishing papers.

The publications mentioned above are done with my friends.

For every one reading my post please comment, because it will help me to take clear decisions.

I am applying to eth zurich, nus, ntu,epfl, university of Toronto, Mcgill university, British columbia university.

Please review my profile and suggest me some more universities in the US.

Also do I stand a chance in getting admissions in the above listed universities.?

Waiting for your valuable replies.


  1. bro
    your bio looks perfect
    and you have those research papers that would back up for you
    and i guess anyone wouldn’t want to lose a sincere and hard working student
    all the best

  2. Hi All,

    Thanks HSB.. This blog is jus awesome….

    I took my new GRE in Sept and score V149 and Q157 so tat s 306/340.
    Could you please tell me,
    1. is this a good score?
    2. Can I apply to the top 30 univ? Profile(1 national conf paper, 8.6 CGPA, top 5th in the dept)
    3. I haven’t taken TOEFL as yet(hopefully.. on Dec 11th due to test center prob). Will that be a problem coz deadlines are by Dec 15th for most colleges…

  3. Hi all,
    My GRE scores are Quants – 750-800
    Verbal – 510-610

    What exactly does it mean is it good, average or a bad score ?
    I have a two years relevant work Experience , have 90% + marks in 10 and 12’th grade .
    And 8.5 CGPA in graduation .And have 4 to 5 projects during graduation.
    But do not have any national or international paper.
    Can any one suggest what grade of university should I apply.

  4. yeah i feel the same way about GRE- Ets let me down!! I got 520-620 for verbal on powerprep and sometimes 700-800 on kaplan tests but got a shocking 430-530 on test day. pretty apprehensive about my percentile rank really…just hope all test takers shares my fate (that’s wicked isn’t it!?)
    on a better note your profile looks impressive you should still apply. Look at it the other way round-People with 1400+ scores get turned down by good unis. They consider a well rounded profile rather than only and only your gre score.

  5. Hi Lokesh,

    Congratulations on ur score !! FTF – ur profile looks good for NUS and NTU. But there is a small irony in ur univ selection. Apart from McGill and ETH,Zurich U have choose the univ that weigh prospective student’s application based on Academic performance. ETH and McGill project themselves as research oriented univs accepting students with genuine research interest (am not sure of EPFL). But miracles do happen. With ur research work, IEEE papers and other symposium participation should weigh ur application package high in comparison.
    My take : Go ahead and apply earnestly, with a good SOP anything (miracle) is possible.

    1. Thanks for the reply. Can I know about some more universities similar to Mcgill and ETH?

      1. Strong chances in Canadian Universities…..u have good acads and research work…get atlst 7 band in IELTS…

  6. 1st, i disagree with Sunny. dont retake gre coz (1) most univs ask for scores of EVERY gre exam u have taken, then they consider average of both. IF you score lesser in the new pattern (m not doubting ur capability, m just blaming the tough new gre) then u r screwed
    (2) ur scores r ok for ETH. Mcgill, toronto and other canadian univs mostly DONT ask for gre scores, just toefl and a good acad record, which u already have. no idea about epfl. ur scores r ok for brtsh columbia too
    u hve a good acad record, it might offset the flaw in ur gre score. do the follwng:
    1) check out gre scores for univs. apply to 1-2 ambitious/dream ones, one apt for ur score and one “safe” univ, which accept lower scores. apply to several univs….to be on the safe side
    2) try to write a whopper SOP and get awesome recos. they help a ton. u might have met some luminaries during ur IE3 confrnce n BCS proceedings. if u r in contact with a prof from some foreign univ, get a reco from them (like try a canadian prof for applyng 2 canadian univs, etc)
    3) send out mails to profs requesting RA from them. of a prof loves you, he might excuse ur gre score (it happens, yes)

  7. Lokesh Mashi. Chill. No problem. Shit happens. Past is past. Apply to univs in all range. From ambitious to safe. Apply to many univs and you stand a chance.

  8. don’t waste your academics and research work …retake gre …seriously …

    for those universities with no requirement of GRE …u can apply ……but for those which need gre …definitely retake it

    1. even im facing the same problem.. but wouldn’t it be too late to take test again in december?? wat abt university deadlines??

      1. hey shruti…
        hw much score did u get?
        im also thinking to retake but have same ambiguity in my mind…
        cant resolve the same….
        r u applying for computer sci or elect engg..?
        plz reply…

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