Revised GRE – Importance of First 5 to 7 Questions?

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How Revised GRE questions are scored? What is the value of each questions within Revised GRE  sections?

I have my GRE on 12 th Dec 2011. I just have a simple doubt. Like in the previous GRE format, the first 5-7 questions were the most important ones while we had to rush through the last ones as they did not contribute much to the score, is it the same case this time for each sections?

Do we have to give equal importance to ALL questions in a GIVEN section ? Kindly answer my query as my exam is nearing. Eagerly awaiting your reply.


Revised GRE Questions

I suggest you read New GRE Scoring – Raw and Scaled Scores, it should answer your question.

  • Old GRE format – Question level computer adaptive. Level of difficulty depends on your answer to previous question.
  • Revised GRE  Questions – Section level adaptive. Each question have same value within each section. Difficulty level of questions in section depends on your performance in section 1 (verbal and quantitative).

Revised GRE  Experience

Revised GRE is all about improved test taking experience. With section level adaptive, it makes test takers move around the questions within the section. Even if you get first few revised GRE question incorrect, you can make it up with remaining questions.

If you have additional time after answering all the questions, you can go back to review questions.


  1. first 5-7 questions determine our major score in it applicable in revised gre pattern .

  2. In revised GRE the difficulty level will reflect in the second section based on the first section.

    The more questions you do accurately, the difficulty level will be more.

  3. In verbal sectios, if i skipped SC and SE questions and tried to complete RC questins at first,then, my gre score will be affected?

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  5. Remember that when you skip the questions it might become bit tricky. Try to answer in the order as possible as you can , when a tough one comes you can skip it and come back later. Actually I skipped quite a lot of quants question which finally gave me a big headache. Moreover don’t guess which is experimental section because it can prove very costly if you go wrong. I did these two mistakes and now I feel very bad about it. All the best and hope you do great in you exam!!!

    1. Hey..thanks for sharing the tips…will remember it!

      Thanks HSB for replying…things are pretty clear now 🙂

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