Revised GRE Study Plan – 1250 to 1400

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I started preparation for New GRE since June, and gradually as my date of 19th September has come closer I have started to feel confident and composed about the exam.

  • My target score is 1350-1500
  • My current score level(as of last free kaplan test I took) 1250- 1400.
  • My verbal score was 500-600, which I think can be pumped to about 650 at least.

GRE Materials

In June I took coaching for GRE Exam. That coaching for me turned out to very important due to 2 main reasons.

  1. I got lots of materials and question types for New GRE which I meticulously solved
  2.  It instilled in me the devotion required. Since my coaching days which ended in mid July, I have been studying regularly for 6-7 hrs.

Apart from this I used Magoosh GRE. The material is great. But the problem is that as questions are limited. I finished the verbal bank in 1 week approx.

I have given many free practice tests KAPLAN is one of them and what I am noticing is that there are some questions (3-4) in the verbal sections that I am missing out and I deserve to get them right.

Just a little more of thought and I would get them.But some how I am missing them. 3/2 blank TC questions form the biggest share of these questions.
Other than this I must confess that time management in RC is bane for me causing me to get them wrong.

Here is a distribution of my last KAP TEST:

RC -12/20 (I am giving number of correct answers)

3blank(2/3) (I was lucky in this test but prior test show that I am prone to 3 blanker)
**SC (5/9)( I committed some silly mistakes in this section!!!)
SE- (6/8)
I would like to say that I am going through the ETS GRE BOOK solved the practice questions given there also.

Sir my test is on 19th September. Please provide the analysis and guide me on using the rest 15 days to achieve maximum score.


GRE Score Improvement

Typical 10 to 30 point increment comes in 1 to 2 weeks prep.

Several students have scored 100 above the practice test, provided their practice tests didn’t simulate the exact test environment.

Take Power Prep, revise ETS Revised GRE books.  Revise Math strategies and verbal words.  Don’t try to learn new strategies in last week.

Refer to GRE Study Plan.


  1. Friend, would you please tell me the difference between “Kaplan GRE 2011: Strategies, Practice, and Review” and the other Kaplan’s “Kaplan GRE 2011 Premier”?
    Which one is the best to buy?

  2. Hokan also a student who will be giving gre on oct 12.. Based on your statistics you might do well..please blog your experince

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