Robots That Fly By Dr.Kumar – One More Reason to Study in USA

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Thanks to Arun for sharing this video.

For folks who donโ€™t know much about research, this video at TED Tech Talk will give an insight into research.

Note from Arun โ€“

This ted talk is a example of how developed the universities are in the US and how a Indian professor got a standing ovation in the TED talks.

So, this is yet another example of how Indians have excelled in their chosen field in the US.. If this professor never went to US , he would not have achieved what he has achieved now.


  1. I just have one thing to say….THANK YOU for this post. I have no words to express what I feel after watching this video.

  2. I`m completely bowled over by this concept. Many of you would have seen a similar stuff in the movie 3-Idiots.. This thing is way more sophisticated that that. I was stunned to see how this robot flies through the hopla ring and how it flies in the formation. The most stunning part was how these robots play musical instruments. Wow.. This is probably the most amazing thing I have seen. Now, let me stop my non-sense technical lecture and let me get into the actual facts..

    This professor did his UG from India and moved over to the US and did his MS and Phd and all that. Now, what would have happened if he never came to the US. Do you think he might have succeeded if he was in India. Would the conditions have permitted him to do so ? Coming to US has changed life for a few people. Be it through education or a Job. You learn some real world skills that you can never learn in India. Universities in India is a joke. The emphasis is one getting marks, writing answers. But in US, the emphasis is shifted to research, practical applications. I still remember how Raghu (aka Mr. HSB) posted a third grade assignment of a student studying in US. Quality of research and education is outstanding in the US and there is no question of denying that.

    I want to share a conversation that I had with my US manager while I was in the US..

    Me : Scott, I read a report that US had spent appox. $23 billion for the Apollo Mission in 1960`s (Courtesy : NASA and the Cold war with Russia) $23b is $180 billion in 2012 Dollars. That`s a huge amount mind you) . Why did US spent such great amount of money on reaching out to the moon and what exactly did US gain ?

    I was dumb struck at his reply and it made me think deeper.

    He said.

    Scott : Arun, of course that`s a lot of spending and many americans were against it at that time. But what exactly happened was, in the quest of space supremacy, we developed some super computers, high tech communication systems, aircrafts, etc. So, the benefits from the space program are non-tangible. This huge spending is reflected in the schools, universities and every day life. Most americans had access to computers way back in the 1980`s. They had TV`s, phones, Internet even before it came to other countries.

    So, eventually, the money spent on the space program was worth as it created lot of non-tangible benefits and that`s the reason most of universities are way ahead in terms of research and development.

    Thanks HSB for posting my fantasy!

  3. Excellent !!!!!! No words to describe this video ….. A standing ovation from myself ๐Ÿ™‚

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