ROI Of Studying Abroad in One Single Chart

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About 800,000 foreign students are currently studying in USA from other counties. In general studying abroad is expensive and it become really expensive when the Currency exchange rates comes into play. Even then, millions of students study abroad every year.  So, what the Return on Investment of studying abroad?

Here’s a infographic from Course Hero which breaks down ROI on studying abroad.

This graphic shows how studying abroad improves students’ resumes, exposure,  job interviews and general overall skills.

  • 73% of employers said study abroad is important when evaluating job candidates for a junior-level position.
  • 90% of employers believe that student studied abroad possess highly skills like maturity, flexibility, etc.

ROI on Study Abroad

roi of studying abroad

There are several other benefits of studying abroad in addition to the above listed skills. To name a few

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fast track career growth
  • New Perspective on life
  • Increased problem solving skills

As already know that young professional tend to be Clueless About Higher Education and Career in early years of education. But, studying abroad can widen your horizons and give an idea about career, interests and tend to give a clear picture of your future.

If you get an opportunity to study abroad, then go for it. The entire experience will change you for good. Even if you spend one semester abroad, it will have long term returns.

Source : The ROI of Studying Abroad from Course Hero


  1. Before studying abroad, we must have idea bout expenses. Thanks for sharing and have good time!

  2. Except ‘Broadens career goals’, I don’t agree with anything. May be this was true in the past, say 10 years or so ago, but not anymore. You can take the course you like online (without spending a ton of your parents’ money). Majority of the developing countries these students come from are doing far better than the US. And my biggest complaint is, these foreign kids essentially run the foreign universities by paying steep fees, but when it comes to offering a job in the foreign country, majority of the employers tell them that they will offer them a job, but will not process visa. Have noticed so many kids shocked on this point, but it is the fact. Every student must look at both sides of the coin, which unfortunately very few do. I don’t know what it is, like prestige or something, but they want to study abroad.

    Everyone should remember the saying ‘Grass on the other side is always green ‘.

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