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HSB 011 – How to Stay Safe While Studying Abroad? True Story.

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I did an interview with a student last year who was studying here in U.S.A. He sent me a skype message 2 months after the interview.

He : Hey Raghu, I’m back in India.

I: Why and what happened, Is everything ok with you?

He: I was arrested by  the campus police and I decide to quit Masters and return back to India. 

I : Why did you get arrested?

He : I kicked my room mate.

So, that was his side of the story.

In life everything comes as a package. Likewise, studying abroad comes with its own set of challenges, risks and uncertainty. In this episode, I spoke to an Indian student studying in Montreal, Canada.

We discussed  about topics that is seldom mentioned by students living and studying abroad as in International student.

Everyone talks about financial aid, cost of living, traveling, parties, saving money with coupons, test prep, visa interview, grades, job search, H1B Visa and trips to tourist destinations. Such topics are far too common in blog sphere and forums.

But, we don’t see lot discussion about mental health, drinking, drugs, student safety, following the laws of host country, risks of breaking the law, legal challenges, health risks, problems with roommates, adaptability, skills required to survive as an alien, career impact due to arrests, etc.

When people from various background come to live together in a foreign country, there’s going to be some tension. Some of you have skills to adapt, but others end up fighting. Listen the show below to learn more.

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Here’s a summary of tips about Student Safety to keep in mind while studying abroad from Responsible Study Abroad: Good Practices for Health & Safety

  • Assume responsibility for all the elements necessary for their personal preparation for the program and participate fully in orientations.
  • Read and carefully consider all materials issued by the sponsor that relate to safety, health, legal, environmental, political, cultural, and religious conditions in the host country(ies).
  • Conduct your own research on the country(ies) they plan to visit with particular emphasis on health and safety concerns, as well as the social, cultural, and political situations.
  • Consider your physical and mental health condition.

As you can see one of the points is consider your mental health as well.

You have to be matured enough to handle touch situations that life throws at you. You need to let go of your ego sometimes and walk away from the situations.

It is 100% ok to feel defeated and lost than getting hurt.  Let go of your ego.

Share Your Story :

Do you have any experience to share where you go hurt or you know someone who ran into such difficult situations.


  1. It is really needed discussion Raghu! You are bringing good points to care. Some days back we were just talking, sharing, discussing thoughts with nearby persons. Later, I found they are pointing these as I told this! Bla Bla!

  2. Hi Raghu,

    It was really nice interview, it has covered many topics which will make us to comfortable when we are staying with new people in new places.

    This topic not only applicable to students, it will be helpful for the Bachelor employees who are sharing the accommodation. We should be so much strict and very clear in Financial transactions, Cleanliness and Privacy(Personal Issues) to avoid any disturbances in relation.

    i have recollected my stay with my roommates during my bachelor life in India, as you told i was noting down each and every transaction on dedicated note book. I used to clear the accounts at the end of month along with Rent. I always ask my roommates to put sign also on note book, but no one cared about it.

    Regarding Cleanliness, if we will be thinking in other’s point of view we can avoid many embarrassing moments. We can use sticky notes on Walls, to remind the schedules.

    Privacy is the major thing, we should focus. It should be like Give and take policy. If we start respecting other’s feelings we will never disturb their privacy.

    I really appreciate Raghu for conducting such a good interview, which is very realistic and will be useful for each and everyone.

    1. Author

      Thanks for listening. How do you listen to the show ( medium and device)?

      Give and Take works with students, husband and wife and every where else 🙂

      1. Hi Raghu,

        My wife had subscription in Happy Schools. Sometimes i will directly open your blog.

        I used to go through your views in Mac.

        I liked it so much, i will be checking for the updates regularly.

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