Why Do You Need Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP)?

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A statement of purpose (SOP) is a mandatory requirement when applying for graduate school admission in the U.S.

International students who visit this blog for the first time usually leave comments like these:

I want to study for a master’s degree in clean energy, I hope I can enroll this September. If anyone can offer some help on the SOP for this field, I will really appreciate it.

I am a final year management student and I’m going to pursue a master’s in finance. Can anyone please send me a sample SOP?

Hi! Can you suggest me good a SOP for MSc in physiotherapy?

There are so many similar comments made to the article Sample SOPS. But why does everyone want a sample SOP in the field they plan to apply at?

Sample SOPs

An SOP is something that will highlight your life story, so that simply means it should be original because it’s about you.

All you need is a few sample SOPs that will show you how to write an SOP, including its format and template. You can use those templates and create the SOP for your field with your story and experiences.

The truth is, there is really no need to get an exact sample college admission essay for your field.

Students asking for sample SOPs in their particular fields of study are definitely looking to copy the exact SOP. If you are thinking of copying an existing SOP, it will be easy to find out with other credentials if you really wrote your own SOP.

If your TOEFL score is, let’s say, less than 79 and your AWA writing score in GRE in 3.0 and if you have a SOP that is well written, that makes it very obvious.

So try to avoid copying the SOPs of others. Put some effort to understand how to write an SOP and create your own.


  1. Hello,
    I need SOP for Masters In Physiotheraphy in U.S.A , I therefore request you please help me for a professional type of SOp on Physiotheraphy.

  2. I have about 20 years of Sales and Business Development experience in B2B and have to submit a 1 to 2 para SOP for applying to a company. Can you please guide or send samples

  3. Hi, I am applying for Ms. in mechanical engineering in USA university. So, I need an sample statement purpose. If I receive it, it will help me a lot.
    Thanks million

  4. Hie , me finished my Diploma in Digital Electronics n B.E. wid Biomedical Engg. n i do want to do my masters in Computer Science or Electrical. n there is no realation between My field of intrest and my previous degree.

    Can anyone help me out to make SOP for changing field ?????

    Thanking You

  5. Hi.. i have applied for MS in Structural & Construction management in UK.Can you please share some samples of SOP’s?

  6. I am a graduate of Civil Engineering,but i want to have my masters in Project Management.I will really be grateful if anybody can send me materials for good statement of purpose.Thanks

  7. If anyone could send sample SOP for MBA it will be much appreciated. Thank You in advance

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