I Can’t Waste Time Searching Average GRE Scores for Universities

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I received the following question couple of days back via email. I was furious and wanted to blast at this person.


My GRE test date is on September 7th. I am yet to schedule TOEFL , for which dates are available only from November onwards. I am planning to do Masters in Computer science in Fall 2012.

I find loads of websites listing top ranked universities including Happy schools blog. I cannot afford to spend a lot of time in surfing through each and every university what is the ‘average GRE score accepted’ by them.

My criteria in choosing in any university would be as followed listed on priority basis
1. University should be reputed in having research activities and known for its faculty and job opportunities in “Computer Science/Engineering”

2. Funding needed, at least if not in starting semesters. But again , even if getting aid is difficult, job should be easy
3. I would not like to study in cold places
4. As far as my academic profile is concerned, i have done my B.E in computer science with 80% . No backlogs.
Could anyone please list out 8 – 10 universities based upon above criteria and also the average GRE scores that such universities would expect ?

Average GRE Scores, Time and Help

Ok, you cannot afford to spend time to select universities  or search average GRE scores for Universities, that wold ultimately decide your future and career.

  • Can you list few things that you can afford to spend time?

Did you assume HSB and others who will be reading your questions are your subordinates (being decent here)?

When I read your questions, I felt like you are in a restaurant ordering  food from a menu.

Basically, your education so far haven’t taught your about professionalism, how to ask questions and how to treat others.

Lessons to Learn

  • Respect others for their time.
  • Questions show how not to ask for help
  • Its your life, you have to take have full control




  1. Uh… HSB… Ever heard of one Mr.Dale Carnegie and his advice on social ethics?

    Posting the guy’s email publicly and blasting at him along with other people in this forum certainly would have made u feel better, but u just completely let that guy down. I couldn’t imagine his feelings after he sees this page.. Sure the mistake is his. He shouldn’t have sent such a bad professional email. You could’ve replied him personally the exact same thing rather than posting it publicly and making fun of him. If you want others to learn from this guy’s mistake, you could’ve posted his email and shared your thoughts politely. This would discourage new users to the blog. If you say that guy lacks professionalism, I see no professionalism in you doing this.

    I hope you understand that I’m not supporting that guy nor against HSB. I’m just requesting that HSB shouldn’t post such replies publicly and make fun of aspiring students who perhaps didn’t know how to proceed in the right direction.

    P.S: I’m not that sender 😀 I’m already studying in US 🙂

    1. I’m sure HSB posted it with the intention of teaching other aspirants the professional manners. But people here making fun of it shows their quality.

        1. Fine. I have no problems with that. Just shared what I thought is worth sharing.

      1. @Ash – thanks for your thoughtful comments. Same way I’m trying to teach professional manners, the way message is conveyed matters. How do I know this?
        I have data (web analytics) and know what kind of messages creates emotional impact.

        I could have done what you suggested – Replied in private and created a a post without email. But, the impact it creates will not be the same as posting the email. Its not just that this person lacks professional skills, 90%+ email I receive everyday has similar tone. So, I picked the right one to convey the message.
        Mistake are bad and when someone points that out, it hurts the feelings. My intention was make students learn skills that are required to survive and succeed, unfortunately schools don’t teach that skills. It life experience teaches them.

        1. I’m sure you conveyed the message stronger than you intended, thanks to some folks here who was bored enough to make fun of an ignorant aspiring student.

          Glad that you do consider the emotional impact and public manners before posting. Hope you do the same in the future with my comments in thought.

          Other than that, you’re doing a wonderful job and I would like to compliment you for helping out a lot of people including me.

          1. Done. So, you are from NC (and I’m not going to give the exact location here).

          2. As I said.. I have Data (Web Analytics). Anything you do online, you leave tracks behind.

          3. Oh yes remembered that I soon as I posted that comment !

          4. cool! Drop in some time I’ll make you Indian food! (you must be dying for it!) 🙂

          5. I’m married and my wife makes good Indian food. Thanks for the offer though 🙂

          6. Interested in MS in cell&mol bio or biochem or molecular medicine
            Toefl-yet 2 give
            univ interested

            1)Penn State University
            2)Ohio state university
            3)Uni of texas-Austin
            4)Washington state university
            5)uni of maryland -baltimore county
            6)UC Irvine
            1)University of Cincinnati,Ohio
            2)Arizona state uni
            3)Uni of texas,dallas
            4)univ of florida
            5)University of Pittsburg
            6)SUNY at Bufallo
            1)University of central florida
            2)University of south florida-
            3)University of Utah,salt lake city
            4))Oregon state university
            5)Southern illinois university,carbondale
            6)university of Houston,clear lake
            I will be very happy if anyone could suggest me the possiblities of getting in

          7. An MS aspirant, who treats HSB like an unpaid servant…is never ignorant..of all things…..but I dont remember having a demanding tone even when I was a novice in writing mails…if he’s an MS aspirant, he must be knowing that no one except for he himself, will be able to sort out universities for him…
            In any case…what does he mean by “university should be reputed”….what did he expect HSB to do..suggest Tri valley..?
            @Ash..I do agree with u that its not ethical to poke fun on someone…but neither is it ethical to make such demands..he’s a grown up and not a kid…
            Im ignoring the fact that even u insulted me..us by calling us bored folks…fine (I mean if u were compassionate enough to stand for the guy, u are expected not to involve in mud slinging urself..)… but if he’s doing a BE or a Btech, he should know how to approach people for help..u can’t teach that to a grown up!!

          8. Agreed. All the fault is his. Pointing it out so that he could understand it would be great. Making fun of it makes him forget his mistakes and he’d feel low and depressed. I hope the guy learns from what has happened here, which I’m skeptical about because of the way things were pointed to him.

            Anyway I apologize if I had hurt anyone here. But I’m sure I’ve made my point clear and subtle which is the ultimate goal of a discussion.

  2. I don’t know guyz.

    students have jsut got the habit of spoon feeding. in this matter this guy is height. he’s gonna blindly belive on some one else.

    I’ll tell what will be next.
    I can’t spend time searching for job recommend me some i’ll go there<—-

    c'mon dude it is the question of your future. if you don't spend time here then where do you want to spend your time Hanging out with friends.

    be serious its your life choose wisely.

  3. Such a shame people can’t find time to go through the university websites.It’s equally important as the GRE or any other test.One has to go through the university websites,although it’s a time consuming process.Leaving it to the part of counselors at consultancies to do your university selection is stupidity.Most such people are from arts & science backgrounds and wouldn’t even know anything about engineering study.

  4. No need to get panicky, HSB…cool down!!! for I AM HERE…with the solution….

    I am enlisting a list of Unis..according to his preferences..
    1. research and job: u doesnt he apply to Harvard and MIT? i am sure respected professors of this institute are dying to have such a sweet little sincere student under them…CalTech would also do good…he can even apply to Tri Valley university..it has awsome R&D..by the US Investigation body of course…only if…
    2. funding: He is such an important personality..wouldnt Bill Gates fund him for a degree in comp sc? Shoo!! how can Bill Gates ignore a prospective comp genious like him?
    3. cold places:..There must be a Sahara Desert University…or a Gobi University….I was going to suggest Uni of Arizona..but I guess that would be a bit low profile for a Father of Comp Sc in the making.
    4. No offence meant..but I think his result deserves the President’s award…that he has no backlogs..(I had 3342 backlogs u see)…and also 80% is a record mark…No 1 else got more than 80% EVER EVER EVER…genious..must say..

    So..Mr HSB…how can u deny help to such a prospective intelligence personified…one day when He will accept the Nobel, he will thank u, HSB!!!! u will be world famous coz u suggested him unis!!!! start off!!!

    By the way HSB…do u really suggest topmost unis always??? I never knew..I thought u suggest unis only after ur users post their profiles…so silly of me…u broke my heart!!!

    (sorry for the melodrama…I hope our Mr. Genious is reading this. I heard Bill Gates is very humble…in that field, ur Genious reader has a lot to learn)

    1. @SUBHAM: Really A good one dude.
      After a long time i laughed a bit from any blogs
      ha ha ha ha ha hha hhhhaaa…….
      he should be anxious & curious abt his future carrier not to depend on others guidance.
      SUBHAM you really gave him a punch…………

  5. HSB, send me that guy’s email ID. I wish to reply him. In turn I would like that guy to suggest me 8-10 food items that

    1) Contain no fat and protein but help in weight gain
    2) No carbohydrates but should give energy
    3) Sugarless and sweet
    4) Not too hot
    5) Spicy without spices
    6) Having exactly 254 ppm of water in it

    Afterall, food is much easier than universities!


      2. @HSB

        May be this guy, after he gets into one school, would put a similar “request” to his prof for his research topic. This genius can’t waste time searching for research niches with scope, you see 😀

  6. What a shame.
    These people lack the professionalism as you rightly pointed.What the hell do they think of themselves?
    I’ve seen similar such posts in Edulix where they try to boss over seniors .Lame people.

  7. What use of a degree when the student is so lazy, reckless & authoritative on others, especially to the HSB admin, who is very kind & contributes his/her time in giving suggestions to others.
    On the long term, these selfish people can’t survive even though they have good academics !!! ‘_’

  8. I am damn sure the query seeker will land up to the “Kick my arse” University for sure !! All the best to him. He is already so prepared for it.

  9. Whoever emailed you considering others free or without any work. He/she is not efford to search for universities!!! What the hell he/she think that someone will spend time do his/her work?

    I think HSB has given genuine reply…

  10. Gud Revert HSB. .Bang on. .
    This is not the only thing u mentioned. .People who have never opened this useful blog come and shower there questions for there self motives. .These people need not be entertained,if they can’t contribute to the fraternity. .

  11. Hi HSB,

    Even i am the owner of a similar site and faced this situation. I am not able to maintain the forum due to lack of time and one of the guys was furious at me stating whey I am not offering the service as if I am working under them. God knows how these kind of people are going to survive and settle in life

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