Senator Grassley Removes Hold on H.R. 3012?

Raghuram Sukumar USA Visa 13 Comments

News flash – On July 7, 2012 – Senator Grassley Removes HR 3012 Hold


Politico is reporting that Senator Grassley have lifted the hold on the bill HR 3012.

Grassley only recently lifted a hold on a bill by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) that would eliminate the employment-based per-country visa cap. A spokesperson for Grassley said the senator “supports legal immigration opportunities and works for measures to prevent fraud in immigration programs.”

If you are following  the bill HR 3012 to remove country cap for employment based Green Cards, Senator Grassley had placed a hold on the bill from moving forward.

HR 3012  Status Update

  • Introduced – 09/21/2011
  • House Judiciary Committee – Passed (10/27/2011)
  • House Vote – Passed (Nov/29/2011)
  • Senate Vote –  TDB
  • President Sign – TDB

This bill if passed will gradually

  1. Remove per country cap on Employment based Green cards.
  2. This will also increase the family based green card cap to 15%

If the hold is lifted, then US Senate can vote (fingers crossed) to pass the bill without any changes from the version passed by House.

If bill passes the Senate, President can sign the bill into law of the land.



  1. One of the misunderstanding is migration takes away life of a country. christianity in USA is migrated from middle east, judaism in usa is migrated from middle east, Native americans have better life after that. the country changed for good. Let us suppose 50K indians and 40 chineese and 50k mexicans and 50k phillipinees comes to get green card in next 5 years means 200,000 houses are created, perhouse hold 1 or two cars are added or used cars are converted to new. atleast 10000 of them create new jobs which employee 5-10 people atleast 100 create business that employees more 25-100 workers.
    atleast 10 of them become large business man. 100 acres of lands are bought. people go to churches , more kids go to school and teachers will have employeement. every year at 10000 travel or visit places. is this economic impact… if you just have hatred of color or envy on their harwork get used to it. the world is global now.

  2. this is just a joke its not a single extra GC for any one , its just good for Indians and probably for a couple of years because after that more Indians start applying for eb3 and eb3 and a new huge backlog (this time for all) will be there. I hope it wont be a rule.

  3. Dear Readers

    Dont think negative about this bill, this will help not only Indians it should help to USA.
    How you know most of the indian consultants are on H1B visa and their spouses working for so many indian companies without paying tax. If people are getting Green Card they directly work for companies and pay TAX. Mainly the fraud or cheating will go away. The 99% of indian consultants are so professionals and ready to work and pay TAX not a cheaters. So eventually this bill help a lot to USA economy. And once get green card most of the people start small scale business so we are going to create jobs and new economy growth to USA. Please research and comment dont say blindly

  4. Welcome to USI, United States of India. USA way of life will slowly disappear because of this stupid bit.

    1. Just research say truth, we are onsite people stoping move the project to offshore and saving americans jobs how you know last decade most of the projects moving to offshore.
      So recently USA govt realize stoping move project to offshore so we are working hard @ client place and saving americans jobs. Any project if you take only 20% of the indians are working. If we get Green Card we may start new business and create more jobs and new economy growth because we pay more TAX and very promtly and we buy houses also. If you see there is so less percentage in cheating/fraud or criminal background. So please support and USA to be strong

    2. Indians or any other race comes to US for aquiring the US way of life . All of them Wait for years to get thier Green card not to change the system …. then the original idea is defeated …
      There are so many people on visa who are waiting to get theier green card so they go ahead ans start investing back into US ( houses , business Etc)
      In all this will be a good thing for USA

  5. If bill passes it will bring more unemployed people (immigrants spouses and their over 18 years old kids).

    Bring them senate – fail US employment picture!!

    1. Disgusting view of the difficulties LEGAL immigrants have. So you and your wife and your kids should have all the opportunities to seek a new job but not those who will be benefited by this law?

      Your selfishness is in no doubt!

      1. Disgusting view for employment your US citizens friends will have.

        New graduates are already over 12% unemployed with new I/C immigrants coming it will get worse.

  6. Even, if he removes the hold, I don’t think, this bill will pass until the elections end.

    1. Scabb:

      You are mistaken. Since this is an election year and with elections so close, both parties will want to take some credit for doing their bit on immigration. All the more reason that the bill will pass before elections – may be within a month or two at the most.

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