Is it Ok to include a Photo in Application Package?

Raghuram Sukumar Study in USA Leave a Comment

Is it okay to send a personal photo along with the others in the application package sent to U.S. universities for master’s degree program admission?

There are a couple of consulting companies that ask for copies of students photos. However, never include a photo along with your graduate school application package.

Whenever you apply, you’re being evaluated on your academic profile and qualifications. Your appearance and looks don’t matter. And it is inappropriate to include a photo in your application packet if you are applying for most of the programs.

However, if you are applying for degree programs like dance, film, and the like, then photos or video is appropriate. If you’re applying for an art program, you might be asked to include photos of your work.

Always follow the instructions. Unless the application specifically asks for a photo, do not include one.

Including a photo can be considered something unprofessional, suggesting that you’re clueless about graduate study and what it means to be an academic professional.

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