Should You Use a Resumé Writing Service?

I know the very fact and you will also agree that job search is not easy task. In this economy, searching for jobs require well planned effort and time. A resumé helps a lot in determining if you will get an interview call or not.

I was talking to a recent graduate with master’s degree in computer science and he is applying for jobs for the last 3 months and still hasn’t received even a single interview call.

Another student was looking for internship and applied to 6 companies in last the 4 days and got rejected/not selected email within 2 days. If you are in a similar situation, you need to consider making changes to your resumé.

In any job search, if the approach you are using is not able to get you an interview call, then you have to start making some changes. The first place to start is with your resumé.

Truth about Resumés

Think about the following facts about resumés:

  • Companies receive thousands of resumés every day for a single job position. Hiring managers and HR persons don’t have the time to read all the resumés in detail.
  • At most, they spend 2 minutes or less to scan a resumé.
  • Most of the resumés I review have many grammatical errors and typos, which means your resumé is going to the Recycle Bin.

I applied for 589 Companies for Internship

"When I was applying for internship, I spent one full semester and made it a routine to apply to at least 10 jobs in a day. I had a huge list of job search websites and I was applying in brute force. I ended up getting 2 interview calls and 1 job offer. Later I realized my mistake. My resumé was totally flawed. I had talent and academic skills, but I didn’t express in the right way. I didn’t have the words and proper sentences to express my skills. My template was a standard template used by all the students. That’s when I decided to get my resumé evaluated and written by resumé writing service."

Advantages of Resumé Writing service

The following advantages are available when you get your resumé written by a professional:

  1. Professional resumé writers know what hiring managers look for within a resumé.
  2. They know how to express your transferable skills
  3. They know how to map your academic skills into corporate skills required in job search
  4. They make it easily scannable and managers can find what they are looking for in a resumé within the first few seconds
  5. They do it as their job, so they write many resumés. You write one resumé. So you know they have more experience than you.

About ResumeEdge

ResumeEdge offers a hand-picked team of over 200 resumé writers and career coaches who specialize in 40 different industries. The team provides the highest quality resumé and cover letter services available, bar none.

With partners ranging from Yahoo! to The Wall Street Journal’s, ResumeEdge is the Internet’s premier resumé writing company.

ResumeEdge is a proud member of the Professional Association of Resumé Writers and the National Resumé Writers Association and is a member in excellent standing of the Better Business Bureau.


With ResumeEdge, you’re in good hands. Our expert resumé writers and editors are experienced in creating the best resumés based on your years of experience and industry expertise.

  1. Select your preferred resumé writing and editing service.
  2. Submit your resumé or cover letter order online via our secure online payment form.
  3. Complete our exclusive questionnaire to provide your resumé writer with the information needed to bring your strengths and accomplishments to light.
  4. You may also upload your existing resumé, if one exists.
  5. Have an in-depth discussion about your job search goals through a personal phone call and e-mail consultation. A writer in your specialty area will contact you to set up a time.
  6. Receive your expertly written resumé and/or other job-application documents, in Microsoft Word format, within 48 to 72 hours after assignment to your editor.
    Your order is accessible via the ResumeEdge customer control panel. You’ll also receive an ASCII version of your resumé (if applicable) and a link to your Web resumé at
  7. Continue working with your writer one-on-one, via phone and e-mail, for a period of up to seven days after your initial documents have been delivered.

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Do the Math

Entry level student and graduate student resumé packages cost $150 which is just your one day’s earning after you get a job. Think about 3 to 4 months of your time wasted without any interview call.

With only $150 of expense, it’s almost instant savings when you get an interview call. If you don’t get a job in 90 days in OPT, you will be out of legal status.

I would spend $150 to $200 to get my resumé written professionally. This way, my resumé will stand out from the crowd of other job seekers.

If you believe you have the talent and skills and if your current resumé is not getting the job done, it’s definitely worth spending for a resumé writing service.

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