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US Student Visas  – Q&A

Which university and degree in United states?

Long Island University and iam going for masters in regulatory affairs

Why did you select this university?

Since it is one of the best reputed university which contains all the pharmacy related courses and good teaching staff which enables me to have a good education in my masters.

What is your fees in I-20 for first the year?

My 1st year fee was about 9000USD.

How many universities did you apply and list them?

I have applied for 3 universities in us they were National university,Norther eastern university and long island university

Who is going to sponsor your education and how?

My mother was going to sponsor me.she is doing real estate business since form 5 years and earning about 7-8 lakhs per annum so, financially iam not having any problem.

What will you do after graduation?

After my education ill return back to my home town.

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  1. hi,,,,
    i hav no gre..n i ll b facin my visa interwiew by the end of this should i me

  2. Hai HSB,
    Iam a resident of Andrapradesh
    i want to apply to my F1 Visa here in hyd
    but am not able to find appointments in hyd
    So can you suggest when genrally will the dates in hyd open?
    Will they open or not?

  3. in what way i should give the reason.of course many of the people will tell like that only to get their visas so iam using the same opportunity

  4. hi
    in the last question u have to make the interviewer believe that u will return. u have to give a solid reasoning for that.

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