Student Visa USA Sample Interview – MBA + Sky Diving

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Another student visa interview questions and answers for MBA and Sky Diving.

Which university and degree?

Masters in Business Administration at University of Massachusetts, Boston

Why did you select this university?

UMass Boston develops future business leaders in a unique way by integrating team based learning in a diversified set up and develops entrepreneurial mindset . This university has great external funding, there are over 30 research centres addressing complex urban issues and a lot of funding opportunities exist. Also some of the finest faculties teach in this college. Schools which are ahead of Umass Boston in Operations Management are kelley,Purdue,henry B. Tippie

What is your fees in I-20 for first the year?


How many universities did you apply and list them

Applied for Four universities (NEU,SUNY Binghamton,Iowa SU & Umass) and got admit only from UMass Boston.(Will carry the rejection letters if in case he asks for proof)

Who is going to sponsor your education and how?

My Father is going to sponsor from his savings and I also have a bank loan.

What will you do after graduation?

Once I complete my Masters I would like to work for a US company for a year or two in my OPT period and gain some additional expertise and then take decision from there on. But I will probably come back to set up brand franchising business in india.

Why Operations Management

Because of well-developed problem solving skills, moreover undergraduate degree in engineering and my work experience is in service industry. So OM is the best fit for my career

Will you come back in summer?

No, im planning to get my Sky Diving License for that i need to complete 25 professional jumps and in Boston summer is the only time favorable for sky diving.

What will you do with that license

There are only few sky diving schools back in India, so i have a plan to bring prestigious sky diving schools from US to India.

Comment – Risky Interview!



  1. Is it necessary to carry the offer letters of those universities also which we are not going during visa ?

    1. not required, but in my case
      applied for 4 and got only 1 admit. this might give an impression to VO that i might be lying, so just in that case to justify it. I will carry the rejection letters too

  2. could you please tell me why it is risky?. As I am also planning to tell the same answers.

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